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“From the day I first turned on our bulk powder processing equipment with the BFM® fitting installed, I was amazed. There was no more sand cloud and absolutely zero powder infiltrated from the sleeve. Our employees now work in a safer environment, and cleaning costs have been cut.”

Jeff Goodell, Director of Facilities and Maintenance, AMEDICA

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Easy Installation

“They’re one of the best things we’ve found…since installing the first two fittings, we’ve been replacing all of the remaining clamp-and-sleeve connectors with BFM® fittings. I’ve been putting them everywhere there’s a transfer point because they make things so much easier for our operators.”

Superintendent of Engineering and Maintenance, Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods Inc, USA

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Improved Hygiene

“BFM® is such a simple idea which translates into real benefit in our plant. It is impossible to fit BFM® fittings incorrectly and there’s no build up, so weighing problems are a thing of the past, saving us a small fortune. They’re also 100% dust tight which reduces our cleaning bills.”

Maintenance Manager,
Multinational UK bakery

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Less Downtime

"Our old canvas weigh hopper connectors used to block regularly which meant we had to stop production while we sorted it out. BFM® has totally solved the problem and we have had no lost production ever since we started using them. The factory is also much safer and cleaner."

Factory Manager,
UK Concrete Products Manufacturer

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Longer Lifespan

"Plaster is very fine and gets everywhere. It’s difficult to contain, particularly when your connecting sleeve has holes in it! The BFM® connector seals inside the spigot so it can’t chafe on the sharp edges . It lasts for longer and best of all it doesn’t leak any dust.”

Works Engineer,
UK Plaster Manufacturer

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Perfect Clean-Room Hygiene

“It’s so much easier for us to physically replace a connector and we know it’s always fitted correctly in the right position. It’s also given us so much more confidence in terms of maintaining our strict clean-room hygiene. There’s no risk of product leakage or dropping of clamp components into the processing vessels during changeovers. Brilliant!”

Kristof Greens, Project Engineer, Plasma Industries, Belgium

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