Keep Your Plant Dust Free

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As anyone working in a chemical production facility knows, keeping your manufacturing environment dust free is a constant challenge.

Flexible connectors are often difficult to fit, prone to leakage and time-consuming to replace.

On top of this, finding connectors that are both chemical resistant, and compliant with stringent international ATEX explosion standards is extremely difficult.

Seeflex 040E used on a sifter intake with carbon black


Advantages of BFM® fitting in the Chemical Industry

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Safer, healthier people by keeping product in the right places, reducing exposure for staff to potentially dangerous chemicals.

No dust leakage and explosion-resistant design means a safer overall factory environment.

The 100% seal of the BFM fitting range means powders stay inside the process, reducing clean-ups and loss of valuable product.

Have a wide range of products that have been independently tested conform to important global standards such as ATEX.

BFM® in the Battery Industry

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BFM® understands the degree of difficulty when dealing with extremely fine powders such as lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxide (10µ). A clamped connection will struggle to contain the material flowing, resulting in powder leakage throughout the production area as well as a time-consuming cleaning and changeover process. When it comes to powder processing, investing in quality equipment for process lines is essential - but any machinery is only as good as the flexible connection system that links the processes together. 

Find out how BFM® can increase your battery processing efficiency.




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Getting Started with BFM® fittings

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Get in touch with one of our local Authorized BFM® fitting Distributors to help find the right solution for you. They will help work through what you want to achieve and how BFM® fitting can improve your plant.

Examples of BFM® in the Chemical Industry

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Glue manufacturing using Seeflex 040E on mixer in-feed

Glue Manufacturing

Seeflex 040E on mixer in-feed for dry components to mix for ready-glue.
Powder Coating BFM Seeflex 040E on inlet feed to sieve


Seeflex 040E used on inlet feed to sieve for powdercoating manufacturer
BPA production seeflex 040E in outdoor factory

BPA Production

Seeflex 040E with rings used outdoors in BPA factory.
BFM Seeflex 040E used on sifter with soft pitch powder for plastic production.

Plastic Production

Seeflex 040E used on sifter with soft pitch powder for plastic production.
Crop protection BFM 040E

Crop Protection

Seeflex 040E used in the manufacture of crop protection products.

Magnesia Powder with BFM Seeflex 040E

Magnesia Powder

Seeflex 040E providing 100% seal from humidity for magnesia powder production. 
Paint pigments Seeflex 040E

Paint Pigments

Seeflex 040E used to feed paint pignments from a hopper via an oscillating bed feeder to a filling head.
Zeolyte Catalyst Manufacture BFM Seeflex 040E

Zeolyte Catalyst Manufacture

Seeflex 040E used in Zeolyte Catalyst Manufacturing.
Paint pigments BFM Seeflex 040E

Paint Pigments

In-line application with breather bag used with paint pigments. The connector must be removed frequently between batches and downtime has reduced...
Seeflex 040E used on a sifter intake with carbon black

Carbon Black

Seeflex 040E used on sifter intake and outlet with carbon black.
Plastic production line with BFM and adapted pipe work

Plastic Production

BFM connector used in plastic production line (ABS food containers). Note the pipe adaption from oval to round to connect to the spigot.

LM4 connectors used in PVC pipe production.

LM4 in Plastic Production

LM4 connectors used in PVC pipe production.
BFM connector group 500 x 240

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