BFM® fitting flexible connectors are trusted by 95% of the world's largest chemical manufacturing companies. Leak-free seals, superior durability and explosion-resistant design are just three of the reasons why it has become the chemical industry's standard for flexible connectors.

BFM®'s products improve safety and efficiency for chemical processors dealing with challenging products and conditions:

  1. 100% Leak-Proof - Minimizing dust in the factory environment is vital for safety, and transitions are the most common location for dust to escape. Unlike clamped connectors, the BFM® flexible connector system utilizes a 'snap-fit' cuff that seals from the inside, eliminating product leakage for a cleaner factory.

  2. Durable - BFM® fitting's quality design and materials mean they significantly outperform and outlast other products in the market. Our connectors have been performance-tested for the extreme demands of the chemical industry with a range of abrasion-resistant materials that can handle everything from temperature extremes to acids to pressure and movement.

  3. Maintenance Made Easy - Because they last longer, you won't need to replace them as often as other connectors, but when you do, standard BFM® connectors can be removed and replaced by hand in under 30 seconds. They are also fast and easy to clean.

  4. Explosion Resistant - Containing any explosion that might occur inside your equipment is essential to avoid potentially devastating secondary-explosions. The BFM® fitting system has been independently tested and proven to resist very high internal explosion pressures - in excess of 60kpa (8.7psi).

  5. Regulatory Compliant - BFM® fitting products are rigorously tested for compliance with important safety standards such as ATEX. 

Chemical Companies Choose BFM® fitting

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Did you know that 95% of the World's Top 20 chemical manufacturers use BFM® fitting in their plants?

Global multinationals choose our products because they help keep their plants safer and they last longer.  

The patented blue-band spigot and connector system is easy to clean and fast to change, giving chemical manufacturers confidence they're maximising their production line efficiency.

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Chemical Compatibility:

Which Chemicals Can BFM® fittings Be Used With?

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Pouring Chemicls



There are a huge number of factors that will determine which material can be used with certain chemicals, from concentration levels to usage and temperature.

If you have particularly aggressive chemicals (acidic or caustic) or are operating at particularly high temperatures, Teflex NP Black or Teflex Woven (made from PTFE)  will likely be the best option.   

However, for many other chemical applications, our most popular product, Seeflex 040E urethane, is widely used around the world.

To guide you on how Seeflex 040E performs, we have undertaken testing on a range of commonly used chemicals to give you an indication; however, we recommend contacting us if you have any questions about chemical compatibility.


The Challenges Of Working with Fine Powders

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We understand the degree of difficulty when dealing with extremely fine powders such as lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxide (10µ). A clamped connection will struggle to contain the material flowing, resulting in powder leakage throughout the production area as well as a time-consuming cleaning and changeover processes.

It's a valuable product and not one you want escaping into your plant atmosphere for the health and safety of your staff.

When it comes to powder processing, investing in quality equipment for process lines is essential - but any machinery is only as good as the flexible connection system that links the processes together. 

See why leading battery powder producers and battery manufacturers are looking to BFM® to increase their battery processing efficiency.

Examples of BFM® in the Chemical Industry

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BFM Seeflex 040E used on sifter with soft pitch powder for plastic production.
Soft Pitch Powder
Seeflex 040E used on sifter with soft pitch powder for plastic production.
Paint Pigment After BFM
Paint Pigments
Paint pigments are a widely used application for BFM®'s Seeflex 040E connectors.
BPA production seeflex 040E in outdoor factory
BPA Production
Seeflex 040E with rings used outdoors in BPA factory.
Powder Coating BFM Seeflex 040E on inlet feed to sieve
Seeflex 040E used on inlet feed to sieve for powdercoating manufacturer.
Seeflex 040E used on a sifter intake with carbon black
Carbon Black
Sifter intake and outlet with carbon black, a notoriously fine and difficult-to-contain powder.
Magnesia Powder with BFM Seeflex 040E
Magnesia Powder
Seeflex 040E providing 100% seal from humidity for magnesia powder production. 
Zeolyte Catalyst Manufacture BFM Seeflex 040E
Zeolyte Catalyst Manufacture
Seeflex 040E used in Zeolyte Catalyst Manufacturing.
Paint pigments BFM Seeflex 040E
Paint Pigments
In-line application & breather bag used with paint pigments. 

Concerned About Combustible Dust Explosions?

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Many chemicals in powder form can be combustible, so electrostatic build-up is a real concern for many manufacturers.  If a spark discharge is generated by this electrostatic build-up, it can ignite any flammable dust, creating an explosion inside your equipment.
The weakest point for the potential escape of these explosive flames and gases is often at the transitions between machinery. Traditional hose-clamped flexible connectors tend to give way quickly, allowing the explosion to propagate, potentially leading to a deadly secondary explosion. 
Unlike silicone and other clamped connector systems,  the unique static dissipative materials of the BFM® fitting range will help reduce the chance of spark discharges that can potentially ignite combustible dust explosions.

Traditional flexible connector versus BFM® Seeflex range in static dissipation


Advantages of BFM® fitting in the Chemical Industry

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Safe, durable connectors that seal 100% and are fast and easy to change - those are the key reasons Chemical customers choose BFM® fitting.  Our range of materials are designed to suit virtually any application and comply with global regulations.  Learn more about some of our key advantages below:

Safer, healthier people by keeping product in the right places, reducing exposure for staff to potentially dangerous chemicals.

No dangerous dust leakage and an explosion-resistant design means BFM® fittings create a safer overall factory environment.

Strong materials and design make BFM® fitting flexible connectors ideal for the demands of chemical processing.

Longer-lasting materials and snap-fit installation mean BFM® connectors reduce production downtime.

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