BFM® is More Efficient

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The BFM® fitting flexible connector system provides so many advantages in terms of operational efficiency, it's an investment that pays for itself many times over.

The unique 'snap-in' fit makes changeovers fast, easy and accurate. They are also made from flexible, robust materials that significantly extend product life versus traditional products like silicon and rubber. 

You can standardize connector sizes across your equipment line meaning you need to keep less stock and ensure a correct, accurate fit every time.

Snap fitting a BFM Connector


How BFM® is More Efficient

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BFM® blue band connectors are easy to remove and install - so easy that it can be done in under 30 seconds.

Less stoppages for replacements and clean-ups due to connector failures or leakage means more production up-time.

Simplifies your inventory management and flexible connector replacement process. Standardized, exact sizes ensure a perfect fit every time.

BFM®'s seal from the inside so there is nowhere for your product or dust to leak from. Your product stays inside your process.

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Improve Your Productivity

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Less Downtime

Old-style clamped connectors are difficult to fit correctly and often tear, causing product spillages and production downtime for replacements.

The unique snap-fit of the BFM® fitting mean changeovers can be done in as little as 30 seconds.  The materials are also extremely durable and won't rip or tear so need to be replaced less often.

Consistent Size and Fit

Inaccurate measurements and product variations with traditional hose clamp systems make installation and stock control a challenge.

BFM® connector sizes are manufactured in standard lengths and diameters, which means you can standardize BFM® spigot and connector sizes across the factory. You need to keep less spare stock on hand plus you'll get a consistent fit - no matter who does the replacement.

Getting Started with BFM® fittings

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Get in touch with one of our local Authorized BFM® fitting Distributors to help find the right solution for you. They will help work through what you want to achieve and how BFM® fitting can improve your plant.
Case Study

"BFM® has totally solved the problem and we have had no lost production ever since."

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- Factory Manager

The canvas weigh hopper connectors at a leading British concrete products manufacturer absorbed moisture, making them prone to blockages.

This caused considerable lost productivity and poor weighing accuracy. To add to the problem, jubilee clips caused excessive dust leakage and made replacement extremely time consuming.

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BFM® fitting keeps your production areas clean and eliminates leaks.

Find out how BFM® can improve your plant's cleanliness.


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BFM® fitting keeps your product free from contamination and your staff safe.

Find out how BFM® can improve your plant's safety.

Find out what's happening at BFM® fitting

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BFM® fitting is transforming processing plants globally. Keep updated on news, products, insights and new product developments.