How We Test

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The BFM® fitting has been thoroughly and independently tested to comply with a number of internationally recognised standards.

Pressure and explosion testing in particular have demonstrated BFM®'s superior seal and safety features.

We have completed a range of testing internally and through independent assessors.


Explosion testing BFM


Seeflex 040E

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Our most commonly used connector, the Seeflex 040E, has been tested and approved as compliant with the following:
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ATEX - IBExU tested as approved for use in all dust explosion hazardous areas
FDA - CFR 177.1680 and 177.2600
EC - 1935/2004, 2023–2006, 2002/72, 10/2011 
3A - Certified
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Explosion Testing:  Passed on pressures over 60kPa

Testing Operating Conditions

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Vacuum and Pressure are extremely common in processing lines across all industries. Ensuring your equipment can handle your operating conditions is essential to an efficient process.

  • Vacuum Testing
  • Pressure Testing
Vacuum Testing


Pressure Testing


Explosion Pressure Testing

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Independent explosion testing has been undertaken by Rocket Lab Ltd on BFM® fittings. The tests were also repeated with standard Seeflex material and silicon fastened with traditional hose-clamps for comparison.


Chemical Testing

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Chemical TestingSeeflex 040E, as with all urethanes will resist differing chemicals in different ways depending on a huge number of factors, from concentration levels to usage and temperature. The information and test results provided in the document should be used as an indication.


Vacuum Testing

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Vacuum TestinBFM® Global undertook testing to determine the time it would take for a BFM® fitting, under vacuum, to drop pressure from 500mm W.G to 400mm W.G, and compare this with a standard clamp-style connector.


Explosion Testing

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Independent testing of BFM®'s products prove how effective they are at containing explosion pressures.

  • Compilation
  • Teflex Woven
  • Seeflex 040E
  • LM4


Teflex Woven


Seeflex 040E




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