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Flow Correction (Plastics)


One of the worlds top six petrochemical companies, a leading manufacturer of chemicals, fertilizers, plastics and metals had a problematic flexible connection that other products and suppliers could not resolve.  The process was the manufacturing of sliced polycarbonate chips which are extremely abrasive. The connector is situated between the separator and the cyclone and was only lasting between two and five days.

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The Challenge

The abrasive nature of the polycarbonate chips flowing through the system prior to the cyclone meant that the existing connectors were only lasting two to five days before wearing out. In addition to the considerable cost of regularly replacing the connector, it was located in a difficult position to access, and there was loss of both production time and product with the frequent replacement.

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The Solution

A BFM® fitting was installed with a special Flow Correction arrangement at the spigot, tapering from the pipe to limit the contact of product on the connector. This has dramatically reduced wear and tear and the connectors are now lasting in excess of sixteen months without any problems. The company has made significant savings in terms of spilled product, replacement connectors and reduced downtime.

The Benefits

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No more production lost due to frequent connector replacement (previous connectors only lasted between 2-5 days)
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When connectors do require replacement, the instant snap-fitting means it will be much faster and easier to perform.

The BFM® fitting as saved the company many hours in downtime, spilled product and replacement connectors. The flow-correction solution has increased the connector life from 5 days to over 16 months, improving process efficiencies and saving the company significant money.

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