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Leak free, outdoor sludge processing (Bio-gas plant)


Bio-waste processing is becoming increasingly popular as local authorities look for ways to reduce organic municipal waste and re-use it in other ways. The ‘anaerobic digestion’ process used in bio-waste processing basically involves separating organic waste from general rubbish, crushing it and mixing with water to form a sludge.  This sludge is left to ferment without oxygen, then once the bio-gas created from that process is captured, the sludge is separated into liquids and solids for the final phase of recycling - purifying the liquids and using the nutrient-rich solids as fertilizer.  Vibrating sieves were being used in a Spanish bio-waste plant for this purpose, but traditional clamped connectors used on the outdoor sifters simply weren’t up to the task, leaking constantly.  The plant’s management turned to BFM® fitting for a solution.



The Challenge

Separating the liquids and solids from the sludge after the fermentation process is done by a vibrating sieve. Flexible connectors are used between the inlet and outlets of the sieves, but the vibration of the sieve presented challenges for traditional clamped-style flexible connectors to be able to contain the liquid components of the separated sludge.  Clamp-style connectors were attached to the outside of the pipes and simply could not prevent leakage of the liquid during the separation process.  
The plant wanted to contain all of the liquid and to ensure that the connections weren’t affected by the harsh sun in it’s unprotected, outdoor environment.


The Solution

Local BFM® fitting distributor, Masanes Servindustria SA, recommended installing BFM® fittings on the two outdoor sieves. Each sieve has one inlet for the sludge and two outlets: one for liquids and the other for the solids. 
The BFM® Seeflex 040E, a particularly strong, flexible, ether-based urethane, was chosen for the connectors as it has been proven for outdoor use in both the sun and water exposure.
The design of the BFM® fitting system ensures there is no longer any leakage, as the connector is snap-fitted on the inside of a specially shaped spigot welded to each end of the connecting equipment.

The Benefits

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Improved Hygiene

The design of the BFM fitting with the connector fitting inside the spigot has ensured there are no leaks.
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Even though the connectors are in use outdoors with no protection from the elements, the Seeflex 040E connectors have proven to be extremely long lasting.

“Even with the movement of the sieves, and the location being outdoors with no protection, the BFM® fitting connector system has continued working perfectly at the plant, eliminating leakage and keeping the plant and machinery as clean as new.”

Case Study courtesy of BFM® Distributor Masanes Servindustria SA, Spain

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