Movement is Tough on Flexible Connectors

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Sifters and sieves are used for many and varying products, ranging from dried food to aggregates, pharmaceuticals to liquid chocolate. The movement of the sifter requires a flexible connection between both the feed hopper and the output so the vibration isn't carried through the rest of the stationary equipment.

The most common problem with sifters is poor sealing around the flexible connector leading to a loss of product and serious hygiene issues. The movement of the sifter can easily loosen traditional clamp-and-hose type connections, causing tears and leaks.

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The Ideal Sifter Connector Solution

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BFM® connectors installed on a potato flour sifter


The BFM® fitting flexible connector system is ideally suited for all oscillating, gyrating or vibratory equipment.

Its unique internal snap-fit system creates a perfect seal every time and is able to withstand pressure and pulling forces (oscillation and vibration) far better than old style clamped systems. No more product leakage or build-up at the connection points.

Our most popular product, Seeflex 040E, is used widely on oscillating machinery in processing plants all over the world. 

Aside from its flexibility and transparency, its key advantage is its strength - the Seeflex urethane is made with a unique construction method that makes it superior to other connector products because it won't tear - even if a hole is somehow made in it. 

Seeflex also has superior wear resistance so, when installed correctly, it will last much longer than other products on the market.

Advantages of BFM® fitting on Sifters & Sieves

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The BFM® fitting flexible connector system is perfectly suited for all oscillating, gyrating or vibratory equipment - here's why:

Snap-in cuff system and strong, resilient material means BFM®'s won't tear and last much longer than traditional connectors.

100% seal ensures there is no more dust leakage, no product loss and no contamination of the work environment.

The quick and easy snap-fit of our BFM®  blue band connector means they are fast and simple for all staff to replace.

More durable materials and fast, easy changeovers mean downtime is significantly reduced.

Getting Started with BFM® fittings

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Get in touch with one of our local Authorized BFM® fitting Distributors to help find the right solution for you. They will help work through what you want to achieve and how BFM® fitting can improve your plant.

Things That Affect Connector Life on Sifters

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There are a number of variables that will affect the life of any connector on a sifter (regardless of whether it is BFM® or a conventional type), such as:

  • Positive or negative pressure 
  • Extreme operating temperatures
  • Additional stress from chemical products (e.g Acid, Caustic)
  • Extent and duration of operation
  • Abrasion from product flow
  • Connector length & installation height

Learn more about the factors  that affect flexible connector life on a sifter.

Paint pigment sifter 787 x 946


Explore Other Applications and Conditions Using BFM® fittings

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BFM® fitting outperforms traditional hose clamp systems in virtually every processing application and condition. Here are some common process applications that are challenging for flexible connectors:

BFM® connector with milk powder feeding into a hopper

If you operate under pressure, we know keeping your product inside your process brings all sorts of challenges, usually around dust control and connector failure.

See how BFM® handles operating pressure.

BFM® connectors installed on a metal detector

Metal Detector applications can be a challenging environment for traditional clamped connector systems because steel cannot be in near proximity to the detector.

See why BFM® is used with metal detectors.

BFM® Seeflex 040E with Vacuum

Processors often operate equipment under negative pressure to avoid leaking product out of machinery, but you need to ensure your connectors seal properly too.

Find out why BFM® is ideal for vacuum.

BFM® Spigots installed on product and CIP pipes

Proper cleaning of your pipes and in-line fittings is important during CIP, and having a flexible connector that can handle the chemicals and won't leak is essential.

Watch a BFM® fitting in action during CIP.

BFM® connector and static dissipation

Static dissipative connectors like the BFM® fitting range will help reduce the chance of spark discharges occurring that can potentially ignite combustible dust explosions.

Learn more about BFM® and Electrostatic Build-Up.

"Even though there is a 35mm throw (oscillation) per side, the connector is working perfectly."

- Production Manager, Leading FMCG manufacturer, India

Problems with heavy leakage on a sifter with a significant throw (35mm each side) were plaguing a global leader in the manufacture of home and personal care products. The company were looking for a leak-free solution that was durable and easy to install, so they turned to the BFM® fitting system.

FMCG Sifter Airlock India After 600x430


BFM® on Sifters and Sieves

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BFM® Seeflex 040E connectors installed on a potato flour sifter
Potato Flour Sifter
BFM® Seeflex 040E connectors installed on a potato flour sifter.
Multiple BFM Seeflex 040E on sifters processing wood waste in the Mineral industry
Wood Chip Waste

Multiple BFM® Seeflex 040E on sifters processing wood chip waste.

BFM® connectors being used as a sifter inlet and outlet
Food Additives

Installation on sifter inlet & outlet in food additives manufacturing.

BFM® connectors and spigots installed on Calf milk powder sifters
Milk Powder
BFM® connectors and spigots installed on calf milk powder sifters. 
BFM® connectors installed on a Buhler Flour Sifter
Flour Sifter
BFM® connectors installed on a Buhler Flour Sifter.
BFM® connector on a Sifter used to process laundry detergent
Laundry Powder Sifter
BFM® connector used on a sifter to process laundry detergent.
Seeflex 040E with rings used with active powders for pharmaceutical production in Sweco sifter.
Active Powders on Sweco Sifter
Seeflex 040E with rings used with active powders for pharmaceutical production in a Sweco sifter.
BFM® Blanking Sock / Bin on a red sifter
Blanking Bins on Sifters
BFM® Blanking Sock / Bin for hygienic collection of sifter overs.
BFM in Biogas production - 1
Liquid Separation Sieve
BFM® fittings on outdoor sieves separating liquid from waste in biogas production.
BFM connector group 500 x 240

Find out what's happening at BFM® fitting

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BFM® fitting is transforming processing plants globally. Keep updated on news, products, insights and new product developments.