The Challenge

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The existing flexible sleeves connecting a vibratory feeder were made from corrugated rubber and fastened with traditional jubilee clips.

They leaked constantly, were wearing fast and had to be replaced weekly due to the jubilee clip causing chafing and tearing because of the continuous gyratory movement.

This poor fit and constant tearing of the flexible sleeve caused excessive dust leakage and considerable maintenance downtime to replace and clean up.

There were also health & safety compliance issues as the existing sleeves had no ATEX certification.


The BFM® Solution

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BFM® Seeflex 040AS (anti-static) sleeves have been fitted to both the inlet and outlet to the vibratory feeder with great results.

To date, the BFM®connectors have lasted over 50 times longer than the previous jubilee-clip fastened sleeve, saving a huge amount of expense in both replacement connectors and downtime.

The extremely fine plaster powder has been contained in a sealed system, so there are no longer issues with dust leaks and associated clean-up.

The BFM®Seeflex 040AS connectors are also ATEX compliant, so combined with a cleaner, dust-free environment, they have reduced the number of health & safety concerns.


Benefits Achieved

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The BFM® fitting has been fully tested and ATEX certified to be used in potentially explosive dust areas, providing H&S compliance.

No weekly sleeve replacements or constant dust clean-up means maintenance downtime has been eliminated. 

There is no more dust leakage, eliminating product loss and a much cleaner environment. 

The easy installation process, reduced dust exposure and added explosion protection are all positive H&S outcomes for staff.

What the client said about BFM®

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“Plaster is very fine and gets everywhere. It is difficult to contain, particularly when your connecting sleeve has holes in it! BFM® has been brilliant. The connector seals inside the spigot so it can’t chafe on the sharp edges and there are no jubilee clips to tear the fabric. It lasts for longer and best of all it doesn’t leak any dust.”

- Works Engineer

Case Study courtesy of BFM® Distributor ProSpare (United Kingdom)

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