The Challenge

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The clean-room environment at Plasma Industries Belgium requires the strictest hygiene.  

The traditional clamped connection between a filter aid hopper and the manhole hat at the top of the processing vessel was very difficult for staff to mount/dismount, due to a slight variation in diameter of the tri-clamp connection.  

A gasket glued to the bottom of the hopper as part of this connection was frequently loosened and would fall into the vessel below.

This posed a real risk of costly product contamination and caused powder leakage into the clean-room environment.


The BFM® Solution

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BFM® spigots were installed at the connecting points of the filter aid hopper and the manhole hat of the processing vessel. A Seeflex 020E connector is now fitted between the two pieces of equipment. 

The exact fit and resulting 100% seal means there is no longer any difficulty in installing the connector, and no risk of any product leakage into the clean-room. This has improved production downtime, and the one-piece snap-fit connector also removes the risk of dropping any clamp components into the processing vessel.  

When not in use, the man-hole cover is sealed with a BFM® cap to ensure no contamination.


Benefits Achieved

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By removing the difficult clamping system, the BFM® fitting allows much faster changeovers - in seconds - eliminating costly downtime. 

The custom BFM® top and bottom spigots mean connector can now be easily snap-fitted into the correct position by one operator.

The 100% seal has eliminated risk of clean-room contamination, and simple snap-in connection means no chance of dropping components into product. 

What the client said about BFM®

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“The BFM® has given us a huge improvement in handling our changeovers - it’s so much easier for us to physically replace a connector and we know it’s always fitted correctly in the right position.  It’s also given us so much more confidence in terms of maintaining our strict clean-room hygiene.  There’s no risk of product leakage or dropping of clamp components into the processing vessels during changeovers.  Brilliant!”

- Kristof Greens
Project Engineer, Plasma Industries (Belgium)

Case Study provided courtesy of BFM® Distributor Vlint (Benelux)

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