The Challenge

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Fine, abrasive powders, combined with a pneumatic conveying system, meant that even small tears or gaps in the traditional clamped flexible connectors at the plant caused dust leakage.

The hose-clamp seals did not perform well under pressure, and with 25 different fittings, manual error with installing the existing clamp & hose connectors to the incorrect length also added to the leakage problems.

The real risk of explosion in the plant meant that AkzoNobel were keen to find a fitting that would provide a durable, sealed system and also allow them to standardize their fittings across the plant.

Akzo Nobel plant before BFM® connectors were installed

The BFM® Solution

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After an initial trial BFM® fitting system was installed in the most challenging position on the sifter, the seal was so superior that AkzoNobel are now replacing all 25 flexible connectors with BFM® fitting. There is no longer dust leaking into the plant, and this has significantly reduced the risk of explosion. 

As the connectors are replaced, the pipes and spigots are being adjusted to standardize the sizes, helping to reduce the inventory and multiple suppliers.

Replacement is also now fast and easy with no possibility of incorrect installation.

Akzo Nobel plant after BFM® connectors were installed

Benefits Achieved

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Fitting the new BFM® connector is so simple that there can no longer be incorrect installation problems. 

Replacement time has been drastically reduced. 

The sealed system created by the BFM® fitting has removed the dust leakage in the air, significantly reducing the risk of explosion. 

The pipes are all being adjusted as the BFM®’s are installed to standardize the connector sizes, reducing inventory issues.

What the client said about BFM®

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“After seeing it I was immediately convinced. In all its simplicity, it is extremely effective. We assembled a BFM® fitting alongside an existing one so everyone could see the difference. After a few months it was clear: the BFM® fitting sealed perfectly and remained transparent. We are very happy with the BFM® fitting.”

– Hub Knoren
Maintenance Engineering Technician, AkzoNobel Elotes, Geleen

Case Study courtesy of BFM® Distributor Vlint (Netherlands)

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Getting Started with BFM® fitting

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Get in touch with one of our local Authorized BFM® fitting Distributors to help find the right solution for your process.

They will help work through what you want to achieve and how BFM® fitting can improve your plant.

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