It's great to be able to share how BFM® fitting has solved processing challenges for manufacturers in a wide range of industries and applications all over the world. 

For commercial reasons, many of our customers like to keep their production processes and associated challenges confidential, so we aren't always able to include their names publicly in our case studies.

Problem Area
Product Transported
CaCO3 Rocom Case Study - Sifter 1-1
Abrasive powder leaked constantly from clamped connectors on large sifters, making dust build-up and downtime to clean up a big problem.
Nestle South Africa - Tapered connector - before & after BFM

Solving leaking flour was a priority for reducing health and safety risks in this South African plant producing wafers.

Spectrum Brands BFM Connector
Dust leaking throughout the plant and difficult to fit hose-clamps meant hygiene and plant efficiency were being compromised.
Soy Powder Sifter China - Before Main
A major sifter leakage problem meant staff at a soy processing plant had to wear masks to even enter the screening room.
Ingredients Spain - Inlet & reject after BFM combined 400 x 309

Traditional hose-clamp fittings regularly came loose on a rotary sifter creating ongoing challenge for a global supplier of quality ingredients.

Metagenics After BFM
A leading nutraceutical manufacturer tried BFM® fitting and saved so much time, they’ve installed them on all of their powder mixing/transfer bins.
BFM® connector used to process laundry detergent

Heavy leakage on a sifter with a significant throw caused major problems for a leading home & personal care product manufacturer. 

Multiple BFM® connectors installed at Ajinomoto in Brazil

Food giant Ajinomoto had a challenging transition point that required frequent connector changes, causing extensive downtime. 

BFM® connectors used to process biogas outdoors

Outdoor vibrating sieves used in a bio-waste plant for the anaerobic digestion process suffered from leaky traditional clamped connectors.

BatteryIndustry_BFMconnector 400x300

A major manufacturer found extremely fine lithium powder (10 microns) leaking through their clamped connectors and were concerned for staff safety. 

Akzo Nobel plant after BFM® connectors were installed
Construction Additives

Health & safety are paramount for AkzoNobel at its Elotex plant but the construction additives involve fine, abrasive powders.

BobsRedMillNaturalFoods_BFMconnector PNG

How did BFM® reduce downtime for Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods Inc, USA, which mills 24 hrs a day, 6 days a week?

After BFM®'s were installed at Bayer Crop Science

The engineers at Bayer CropScience were searching for a flexible connector that could be easily standardized throughout their global operations.

Infant Formula

Milk processor HOCHDORF 's Sulgen plant found their hoseclamps often leaking powder and presenting injury risks to fingers during changeovers.

BFM® connector with stainless steel ring installed at Tyson Foods

Tyson Foods Inc. had leaky and time-consuming traditional hose-clamp connectors that needed to be removed, cleaned & replaced every 12 hours.


Plasma Industries Belgium processes around 1.2 million litres of human blood plasma per year and has stringent hygiene requirements for their plants.


A leading UK plaster manufacturer faced leakage issues with flexible connectors on a vibrating sieve lasting only a week at a time before tearing.

BFM® connector installed on medical equipment
Silicon Nitride Ceramic

AMEDICA processes fine-as-talc powder, which infiltrated processing equipment connections and created a consistently powdery atmosphere.

Jotun-Powder Coating Connector-After-combined_500x400

PT Jotun Powder Coatings, Indonesia had a challenge with paint pigment dust causing a considerable health hazard to their workers. 

BFM® connector on weigh hopper after being installed in a UK Bakery

How did BFM® save over £40,000 for a multinational UK bakery that had difficulty with the flexible sleeve connecting a weigh hopper and dough mixer?

Sugar-Factory BFM 400 x 300

A sugar company suffered from dust leaks in the rotary sifter room, where they had rubber connectors lasting on average 5 days. Enter BFM®.

BFM Conspare-Concrete-Connector After-500x400

The canvas weigh hopper connectors at a concrete products plant absorbed moisture creating blockages, so they installed a polyurethane BFM® fitting.

Pulver Kimya - After BFM 400 x 300

 A powder coating company in Turkey used nylon bag connectors that leaked constantly and were difficult to change and constantly leaked.

BFM® flow correction circle in situation

A leading chemicals manufacturer processing sliced polycarbonate chips needed connectors that were durable enough to withstand the abrasive nature.

BFM on Dairy Bin Activator 500x400

A leading NZ dairy plant had a major challenge with hygiene in their blending filler room as regular gas purging of the system was creating excessive...