Download the BFM® IG Calculator

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The BFM® Installation Gap (IG) Calculator will help you identify the correct Installation Gap for your BFM® fitting installation.  

The installation gap is the space to leave between the BFM® spigots and always needs to be slightly shorter than the connector length (CL).  

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You can download a copy of the calculator to use on a mobile device in the field or use it on-line, and you can also save your calculations as pdf files to refer to later.

The calculator is designed for installations with horizontal movement only - if vertical movement is also involved, please contact us for further guidance. 

The BFM® IG Calculator can be used on all standard mobile and desktop devices – simply complete the form to download or access the online calculator.  

Measuring the Installation Gap

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The typical BFM® fitting system consists of a snap-in flexible connector and two spigots - one on either end.

The most important part of the initial installation process is ensuring that the spigots are welded onto the machinery pipes with the correct IG or Installation Gap.  

The adjacent video walks you through the process, and for more information, go to our Installation page.