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Metagenics After BFM
Our 100% sealed system eliminates dust and product leakage and prevents product build-up meaning better hygiene as well as easy to flush through for cleaning.
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With Health and Safety being such a high priority for businesses today, the BFM® fitting flexible blue band connector system provides you with peace of mind that you're improving safety for your staff.
Snap fitting a BFM Connector
The BFM® fitting flexible connector system provides so many advantages in terms of operational efficiency, it's an investment that pays for itself many times over.

BFM® Benefits

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The BFM® fitting system outperforms other flexible connectors in virtually every application, making them the connector of choice for the world's leading food, chemical, pharma and mineral processors. Here's why:
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Quick Changeovers

The snap-fit designs mean BFM® fitting connectors have the fastest changeover in the market - can be replaced in less than 30 seconds.

Learn about Quick Changeovers.

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Improved Hygiene

There's no product build-up and easy flush through for cleaning provides a much more hygienic connection solution than clamped products where crevices can breed bacteria.

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Reduced Downtime

Faster changeovers, longer-lasting materials and less dust leakage mean there is significantly less lost production time for connector replacements and clean-ups with BFM® fittings.

Learn about Reduced Downtime.

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Better Health & Safety

No tools required for installing standard BFM® connectors, plus less dust escaping into the plant combine to make a healthier and safer environment for staff.

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No Product Loss

The 100% seal and the durable nature of the connectors mean no valuable product escapes during normal production and no spillage due to connectors tearing.

Learn about Product Loss.

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Explosion Resistant

The snap-fit internally seated cuff and spigot design seals tighter under pressure and the Seeflex range of connectors have been  explosion tested in excess of 60kPa.

Learn more about Explosion Resistance.

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Regulatory Compliant

BFM® fitting products have been independently tested and conform with the leading internationally recognised health and safety legislation.

More Durable

The materials and design of the BFM® fitting connector system are extremely long-wearing and durable so they don't need to be replaced as often as other connectors.
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Streamlines Inventory

The BFM® fitting system simplifies and streamlines inventory control, improves supply chain sustainability and the standardized,  exact sizes ensure a perfect fit every time.

Learn more about Streamlining Inventory.

"A Real Benefit To Our Plant"

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"BFM® is such a simple idea that translates into real benefit in our plant.  It is impossible to fit BFM® wrong and there is no build-up, so weighing problems are a thing of the past, saving us a small fortune.  

They are also 100% dust tight which reduces our cleaning bills."

- Maintenance Manager, Large Multinational Bakery

UK Bakery Weigh Hopper After 400 x 296


The New Industry Standard

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World-leading manufacturers like Nestle, Unilever, AkzoNobel and Pfizer recognize the true productivity value BFM® fitting provides to their plants.  From coffee manufacturing, to blood plasma processing to lithium powder production, BFM® fitting has become the new industry standard for flexible connectors all around the globe. 
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