BFM® Global Ltd is the manufacturer of the BFM® fitting system, the unique, patented product designed as a solution for problems commonly experienced with traditional, clamped-style industrial connectors.  

Its inventor and company CEO is Blair F. McPheat, who says the BFM® came about as a simple case of 'see a need, fill a need'.  

“I was visiting plants selling filtration products and was constantly seeing the issues manufacturers were having with dust leakage around their flexible connections.” 

“The downtime involved for clean-ups and refits was costing a lot in lost production,” said Blair. “I knew there had to be a better way and it played on my mind constantly.”

His initial design was perfected to become the BFM® fitting.

It’s a unique concept that has been quickly embraced by leading manufacturers in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and mineral industries around the globe.  Quality OEM manufacturers are also recognizing the value BFM® fitting systems add to their products, installing them to their machinery as standard before they leave their factories.


Growing A Global Brand

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The BFM® fitting system is fully manufactured in our Auckland (New Zealand) factory and is exported all over the world.  

Our product has earned such a reputation for quality and reliability, that BFM® has now become an established global player, with over 50 Authorized Distributors selling our patented connection solution in more than 100 countries.   

Continued growing demand for our product saw us move into new, much larger premises in 2022, allowing us to scale up production, with additional expansion potential for future growth. 

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In the years since our inception, BFM® Global has grown from a subsidiary manufacturing operation to a thriving independent company with more than 8,500 customers worldwide. 

Solutions-based innovation is still the fundamental drive behind the business and will continue to be in the next decade and beyond.

“Quality, performance and reliability are why our existing users love our products, but our dedication to solving customers’ problems is what started this business and we’ll continue to innovate and evolve new products as our customers and markets need us to,” said Blair McPheat.

A common question people ask about the brand is simply – what does BFM® stand for?  


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CEO Blair McPheat laughs “It’s not for any clever acronym like ‘Better Flowing Manufacturing’ or anything like that I’m afraid - just a lack of marketing creativity on my part in the early days you could say.

It’s actually just my initials (Blair Forres McPheat)!”

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