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Most BFM® fitting connectors are available with support rings to help maintain the shape of the connector and keep the walls open for product flow, particularly when under vacuum or for longer lengths.

Rings are fully encased in the material on the outside of the connector and, therefore, don't come into contact with product flowing through the connector. 

Useful in both negative and positive pressure situations, rings help support the walls of the connector in higher pressure environments.
  • Tapered connectors cannot be made with rings.
  • See Specifications below for details on which connectors can have Rings.
Key Features
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Keeps connector walls open under vacuum

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Supports connector walls under higher positive pressures

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Rings are fully encased and don't contact product flow

Product Options

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We have two available Ring options, each with different materials and weights.

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Stainless Steel Rings
Plastic rings-white background-400x300px
Plastic Rings


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Physical properties
SS (Stainless Steel T304L) or PE (Plastic)
Can be applied to
Seeflex 040E Connector, Corner Connector 040E, Seeflex 040AS Connector, Teflex NP Black Connector, Teflex NP Opaque Connector, LM3 Connector, LM4 Connector, Teflex Woven Connector, and Blanking Sock. Seeflex 020 Connector on Request.
Maximum Number of Rings (on a single connector)
All permitted materials (except Teflex NP): 10, Teflex NP Ø150mm - 500mm: 8, Teflex NP Ø100 & 125mm: 6
Multiple rings evenly spaced at a minimum
CL< 850mm (331/2”): 100mm (4”) apart (max 4) CL ≥ 850mm (331/2”): 200mm (6”) apart (max 10)
Applicable Connector Materials
Seeflex 040E (incl Wash Sleeves & Blanking Socks/Bins), Seeflex 040AS, LM3, LM4, Teflex & Teflex NP (Seeflex 020E is on request only).
Certification and Compliance
3A Certified
The use of rings will not affect 3A compliance of any connector.
Available Diameters

SS (Stainless Steel):

  • Ø100mm,
  • Ø125mm,
  • Ø150mm - 500mm (in 50mm increments)

PE (Plastic):

  • Ø100mm,
  • Ø125mm,
  • Ø150mm - 1,000mm (in 50mm increments)
Applicable Connector Lengths
  • Min: 150mm (6")
  • Max: Ø550mm-1.0m (211/2-391/2”) = 500mm (20") Up to Ø500mm (191/2”) = 4.5m (14ft 9”)
Distance between Spigot & Rings)
150mm (6") long connectors: 75mm (3") All other lengths: 100mm (4")
Ring thickness (diameter)
Stainless Steel - 6.0mm (1/4") Plastic - 8.0mm (5/16") (& plastic ring joiner is approx 10mm (25/64"))

Getting Started with BFM® fittings

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We have Authorized Distributors who will help work through what you want to achieve and how BFM® fitting can improve your plant.

Rings Applications

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Seeflex 040E with rings used with active powders for pharmaceutical production in Sweco sifter.
Connector with Rings on Sweco Sifter
Seeflex 040E with rings used with active powders for pharmaceutical production in a Sweco sifter.
BFM® Seeflex 040E with rings in infant formula production
Infant Formula Connector with Rings
BFM® used in inlet feeds for large Buhler flour sifter
LM4 with Rings

BFM® LM4 with rings and Seeflex 040E connectors on large Buhler flour sifter flour.

BPA production seeflex 040E in outdoor factory
BPA Production
Seeflex 040E with rings used outdoors in BPA factory.

Contact Us

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If you would like to discuss your unique application, please contact us and we'll help find a solution for you.