The Challenge

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The flexible connectors linking into and out of the large sifter were canvas fastened with standard hose-clips.

These did not provide an airtight seal and potentially hazardous pigment dust was constitently leaking into the environment, posing a real health risk for staff.

The existing connectors were extremely cumbersome and messy to refit and workers regularly resorted to wrapping the bottom with plastic to try and improve the seal.


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The Solution

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The paint pigment dust is extremely fine (like cement) and is notoriously difficult to contain.

Since installing BFM® Seeflex 040E connectors in both locations, the system is now completely sealed and there is no longer any powder leaking into the factory environment.

The areas surrounding the sifter are now clear of dust creating a much cleaner, healthier environment for the workers.

Downtime for replacement and plant maintenance has also reduced significantly.

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Benefits Achieved

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The simplicity of fitting has considerably reduced replacement downtime.

The surrounding areas and air around the sifter has been cleared, leaving a more hygienic and tidier factory. 

The simple snap-fit of the BFM® fitting only requires one person and is much simpler than the fiddly hose-clip and canvas. 

There is no more dust leakage, eliminating cross-contamination of products and reducing general housekeeping costs. 

What the client said about BFM®

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“The 100% seal of the BFM® has impressed PT Jotun Indonesia so much that they have recommended them to other plants in their organisation.”

– PT Jotun Indonesia Staff

Case Study provided courtesy of BFM® Distributor RAP Engineers (Singapore)

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