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Whether you want to learn how to install an entire BFM® system or learn how to snap-in a connector, you will find links to the appropriate information here. For more information on the entire BFM® fitting installation process, go to our Installation Guide page.

Getting The Perfect BFM® Fit

Before installing a BFM® blue band connector, ensure that you have gone over the five steps required to get a perfect fit for your BFM® system.

Learn more about the five steps for a perfect BFM® fit.

Welding BFM®

The correct initial installation of your BFM fitting spigots will ensure correct fitting of the flexible connectors.

Download the BFM® Welding Guide

Snap-fitting A Connector

The snap-fit design of BFM® connectors means they can be replaced by any staff member, increasing your plant's autonomy and efficiency.

See how easy it is to snap-fit a BFM® flexible connector.

Flow Correction

For high-velocity product flow or a particularly abrasive powder, we recommend incorporating a 'flow correction' solution when installing your BFM® fitting system to redirect the flow away from the walls of the connector.

Increase your BFM® connector's life with flow correction.


Connector Sizes

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Technical Menu

Helpful information for choosing a BFM® connector, displaying the limitations with sizing and additional options for connectors.


Connector Comparison

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BFM® products menuHelpful information for choosing a BFM® connector, highlighting the key benefits of our blue band connectors in specific applications.

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Operational Conditions

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  • Pressure
  • Vacuum
  • Explosion Pressures

Positive Operational Pressure

BFM® fitting's patented spigot and snap-fit blue band connector system means any internal pressure just pushes the cuff of the connector harder against the walls of the spigot, creating an even tighter seal.  

There is nowhere for product to leak or build-up as there are no crevices on the outside of the pipe for it to escape to.   

Our Seeflex 040E connectors have been pressure tested to safely perform under constant pressures of up to 5PSI (34.5kPa,  .345Bar), and explosion pressures of over 9.14PSI (63kPa, .63Bar).


Operating Under Vacuum

The BFM® fitting works and seals perfectly in almost all negative pressure applications.  

Our fittings are often used in applications where they are operating in vacuum situations, typically where the plants are drying or processing dry powdered-type products and need the equipment to be under a slight negative pressure to avoid leaking dust out of machinery.

It is important when specifying a connector for use in negative pressure situations that the amount of movement, environment, temperature and nature of the pressure are all taken into account.

Explosion Pressures

Explosion Pressure Resistance

Dust leaking from flexible connections during operation provide the potential for secondary explosions in certain conditions and is a very real and serious health and safety risk for any factory.

BFM® fittings are safer because there is no dust leaking into the factory environment and our popular Seeflex 040E fittings have undergone extensive testing and have been proven to contain internal explosions in excess of 60kPa.

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