The Challenge

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The traditional hose-clip fastening of the flexible connector feeding from the weigh hopper to the dough mixer was very fiddly to install.

The potential for the connector to be fitted too tightly meant it interfered with the load cells and the lost time to refit it to to ensure weigh accuracy was extremely time costly in lost production.

There was also significant dust leakage which was a potential COSHH compliance issue and required ongoing additional cleaning costs.


The BFM® Solution

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By installing a BFM® fitting, the snap-fit, self-locating sleeve ensures consistent flexibility to prevent interference with load cells.

The traditional sleeves were being replaced every 3 months with over 3 hours’ downtime per annum. Since installing the BFM® fitting, they have had 18 months with no downtime.

The 100% dust tight seal of the BFM® fitting means that the factory environment is much cleaner and the cleaning bills have also been greatly reduced.

BFM on bakery weigh hopper

Benefits Achieved

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Snap-fit, no potential to fit incorrectly so no long, fiddly installations with jubilee clips and screws.

No more production loss due to connector blockages and connector changes. 

Sealed system now stops dust leakage in the environment making the factory environment much cleaner. 

The improved overall dust free environment makes the entire working area safer for staff.

What the client said about BFM®

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“BFM® is such a simple idea which translates into real benefit in our plant.  It is impossible to fit BFM® wrong and there is no build up, so weighing problems are a thing of the past, saving us a small fortune.  They are also 100% dust tight which reduces our cleaning bills.”

– Maintenance Manager

Case Study courtesy of BFM® Distributor ProSpare (United Kingdom)

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Getting Started with BFM® fitting

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We have Authorized Distributors who will help work through what you want to achieve and how BFM® fitting can improve your plant.

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