Making Flexible Connectors Through Metal Detectors Easy to Handle.

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Metal detectors play an important role in any quality assurance application, and finding the right flexible connector to run your product through the detector is important.

BFM® fitting flexible connectors are easy to fold and feed through the metal detector - there are no rigid and cumbersome tubes.  

This flexibility, coupled with the simple snap-fit installation, means BFM® connectors are fast and easy to remove and replace for cleaning.  

The durable Seeflex urethane material also provides excellent visibility of product flow during operation.


BFM® connectors installed on a metal detector


Quick Access for Metal Detector Testing

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Metal detector testing needs to be done frequently for quality assurance - but having to remove your flexible connector each time can be a significant interruption to production.

BFM® fitting has a perfect solution:  by adding a Quick Access Port to the wall of your Seeflex 040E or 060ES connector, you can have fast, easy access to perform drop-testing without interrupting product flow or spilling product.


BFM® Seeflex 060ES Quick Access Port - transparent background


Vacuum / Long Connectors:

Plastic Anti-Collapse Rings

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To help keep the connector walls open on longer connectors, or if you operate with negative pressure in your process, BFM® fitting connectors can be supplied with plastic anti-collapse rings included. 

These rings will not interfere with the metal detector operation and will still allow the connector to be easily fed through the metal detector itself for cleaning or replacement.

Plastic rings can also be included in a connector with a Quick Access Port, provided the total length of your connector is at least 350mm  / 14" long.


BFM® on Metal Detectors

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There are Seeflex 040E flexible connectors running through metal detectors in processing all sorts of products around the world. 

Metal detectors have an arc in which there can be no metal, so it is simply a matter of ensuring the BFM® spigots are welded outside of this arc (ie. welded to the pipe both above and below the metal detector). The BFM® connector then runs right through the centre of the metal detector. 

BFM® Seeflex 040E installed on metal detectors
Cereal Metal Detector

BFM® Seeflex 040E and spigots on a metal detector for cereals.

BFM on Metal Detector - Pharma Metal Discharge 432 x 450
Pharma Metal Detector
BFM® Seeflex 040E through pharmaceutical metal detector and on metal discharge chute.
BFM on Safeline Metal Detector 558 x 390
Snack Foods Metal Detector
BFM® Seeflex 040E and spigots on Safeline metal detector in snack-food factory.
BFM on Bin discharge to intermediary hopper through Lock metal detector to AllFill Bag Loader 600 x 399
Bin Discharge to Intermediary Hopper
A Seeflex 040E connector through a Lock metal detector from a bin-discharge to an intermediary hopper.

Advantages of BFM® fitting on Metal Detectors

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The BFM® fitting system offers a range of urethanes that are suited to metal detection devices which provides excellent visibility of product flowing through the detector.

Our Seeflex material is very flexible and easy to fold and feed through the metal detector. It is also transparent letting you see your product flow. 

Snap-fit installation makes them fast and easy to remove for cleaning and feed through the metal detector again when replacing.

100% dust-tight, eliminating product leakage. Products can also be fitted with plastic anti-collapse rings to keep the connector walls open. 

Simplifies your inventory management. Seeflex 040E and Seeflex 060ES connectors can now be fitted with a Quick Access Port to allow fast easy drop-ball testing. 

Getting Started with BFM® fittings

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Get in touch with one of our local Authorized BFM® fitting Distributors to help find the right solution for you. They will help work through what you want to achieve and how BFM® fitting can improve your plant.