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No, we only produce actual connectors out of these fabrics, not caps.

The wire used for the rings and Kevlar/Blackout cover holders is 6mm 304g stainless steel with a tensile strength of approximately 800MPa.

Seeflex 040E can be used outdoors. It has been proven for use in both the sun and the water. Extended exposure to UV will cause the Seeflex 040E to turn a little yellow, but the media will not lose any strength or integrity.

Yes, the silicone is post-cured which makes it food grade.

All spigot sizes are 2mm thick.  Refer to the Guideline - Tapered Spigots for more information.

There a number of reasons the Seeflex 040E could go yellow. It could be due to use with chemicals, oils, fats or exposure to UV light. In most of these situations this is purely staining of the media, and there is no loss of strength or integrity. Please contact one of our representatives if you have any concerns. If you are using with a CIP (clean in place) solution you simply need to ensure that you thoroughly wash all the chemicals off the BFM spigot and connector before you start up again. If there is any caustic or acid left sitting on the cuff area, it will go yellow over time.

If the contact with the ethanol is permanent the Seeflex 040E is not suitable. If it is sporadic and low temperature then you should have no problem. You may need to run a few tests on the media to check the suitability, as it will depend on time and temperature of contact with the solvent and the application. Please contact one of our representatives to discuss this further.

Yes – all of our standard connector material range is available as TR versions.

Yes, although the fat may stain Seeflex 040E, and cause it to go a little yellow, the strength of the media will not be affected greatly.

Yes – our ‘Blackout Cover’ is perfect to fit on the outside of a BFM® connector and will cut out 100% of the light.

Yes. The LM3 is made from pure polypropylene and works well in very low temperatures. We have many connectors currently operating in low temperature applications and they remain flexible.

Yes – there are two options for high temperatures: our Teflex NP (non-permeable) material can handle 300ºC / 572ºF, and surges of up to 316ºC / 600ºF.  Our other pure-Teflon material, Teflex, can handle 260ºC / 500ºF as an operating temperature (and surges up to 280ºC / 536 ºF). It is a permeable material but is woven quite tight.  

No – the maximum operating temperature is 85ºC (185ºF). The material used to make the Flexi connector is lighter and uses a different manufacture process to the 040E/020E. The metal rings also add temperature.

Yes – Seeflex 040E is one of the strongest flexible connector materials available with abrasion and tear resistance in both directions. This extra strength in comparison to other materials means it does not need to be as thick, whilst offering greater flexibility.

The air permeability quoted on our Spec Sheets is tested by the material manufacturer. It is the amount of air that will pass through the material at a given pressure. 125Pa (0.5 inch w.g) is a standard testing pressure. Whether a product will pass through depends on the product, is particulate size and the amount of pressure.

No, it is not possible to manufacture a BFM® fitting using silicon etc.

LM4 (100% polyester) has a surface resistance in Ohms of 109.

We make spigots in both 304L SS and 316L SS.  They are also available in C22 Hastelloy.

Yes – although this is an additional cost.

No – it is not possible to weld Seeflex 040AS to Camlon, and is it also unlikely that Seeflex 040AS would maintain its low resistance properties with a Camlon outer layer.

Seeflex 040E, Seeflex 040AS, LM4, LM3, Teflex and Teflex NP can all be supplied with rings - but the maximum diameter for SS rings is 500mm or 1,000mm for plastic rings (and provided they are not TR (Tool Release) versions).  Seeflex 020E may be supplied on request, but Seeflex 060ES, Kevlar covers and Blackout Covers, cannot be supplied with rings. We also cannot make tapered connectors with rings. Please refer to our 'Quick Ref Limitations Summary' for more information.

No – BFM® Global Ltd certifies that in the manufacturing of our products we do not intentionally use any of the below mentioned substances and it is not foreseen that they could be produced: Bisphenol-A (BPA) Bis (2-ethylhexy) phthalate (DEPH) Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) Benzyl Butyl Phthalate (BBP). Refer to our Seeflex Safety Declaration for more information.

There is 50mm (2") from the edge of the cuff to the start of the Flexi wire.

Seeflex 040E is a synthetic organic material that does contain substances derived from tallow sources. Our suppliers have assured us that processing conditions used in the production of this tallow derivative product are in compliance with the minimum conditions described below for the processing of rendered fats listed in Annex XIII, Chapter XI of the EU Regulation 142/2011/EC, and the Notes for Guidance EMA/410/01 Rev 3. Additionally, this tallow derivative product is compliant with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations regarding the use of prohibited cattle materials in food (21 CFR § 189.5) and cosmetics (21CFR § 700.27), as prohibited cattle materials do not include tallow derivatives.

Yes, you can definitely reuse them - typically companies will use them until they start to show a little wear.

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