Product Description

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Seeflex 040E is our most popular and versatile product and it is used in a huge range of industries and applications.

It is made from a clear ether-based thermoplastic polyurethane alloy making it very strong and flexible, so it won't fracture as a result of constant flexing.

Its unique construction method also gives superior wear resistance and it won't tear and rip apart like many silicon, rubber or other polyurethane connectors.

  • Ideal for use on sifters, sieves, screeners, feeders, bin discharges,
    hoppers & conveyors.

  • Safe for use in CIP and with a wide range of chemicals. (is also available as an easily identifiable 'Wash Sleeve' stamped version)
Key Features
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Used on all types of stationary, vibratory & oscillating equipment

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Superior wear resistance - won't tear or rip

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Can be used in CIP wash cycles
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3A, USDA, EC and ATEX compliant
Physical properties
Seeflex - Ether-based thermoplastic polyurethane
Construction/ Finish
Wall Thickness (+/- 10%)
0.9 mm / 1/32 inch
Hardness (Shore A)
Tensile Strength (MPa)
Elongation (100%)
Elongation (300%)
Ultimate Elongation
Tear Strength – Die C (N)
100% Modulus (MPa)
Dust tight?
Maximum Number of Rings (on a single connector)
Operating Conditions
Max. Operating Temp
110°C / 230°F
Operating Temp Range
- 25 to 110°C / - 13 to 230°F
Surge Temp
120ºC / 248ºF
Low Temp / Flexibility
Surface Resistivity (0hms)*
1010 (Tested to ASTMD-257)
Air Permeability
Max. Operating Pressure
0.34 bar / 5.0 PSI (for temp. to 90˚C / 195˚F measured on a static Ø200mm x 200mm long connector). We recommend using the shortest possible connector for applications where increased pressure and/or high temperature is expected.
Certification and Compliance
FDA 21 CFR 177.1680 & 177.2600 and USDA
3A Certified
Manufactured from 3A 20-27 certified Seeflex Material and the BFM® cuff and spigot system is a 3A certified 63-04 sanitary fitting.
EU Approved
(EC) 1935/2004, 2023–2006 & 10/2011
Atex Certified
IBExU tested. Approved for all dust explosion hazardous areas. Some restrictions apply.
Available Diameters
  • Ø100mm (4")
  • Ø125mm (5")
  • Ø150mm (6") through to Ø1,650mm (65") in 50mm (2") increments.
(max. diameter with SS rings is 500mm, Tool Release is 650mm plastic rings is 1,000mm)
Applicable Connector Lengths
  • 80mm (3")
  • 100mm (4") then
  • 50mm (2") increments up to 6,000mm (19ft 8")
(min. length for all with rings is 150mm)
Available with SS Rings? (min. length for all is 150mm)
Yes - to Ø500mm = CL ≤ 4,500mm
Available with Plastic Rings? (min. length for all is 150mm)


  • Ø500mm = CL ≤ 4,500mm,
  • Ø550mm - 1,000mm = CL ≤ 500mm
Available as Tool Release?
Yes to Ø650mm
Available as Tapered?
Available as a one ended Connnector?
Quick Access Port Option?

Getting Started with BFM® fittings

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We have Authorized Distributors who will help work through what you want to achieve and how BFM® fitting can improve your plant.

Product Options

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  • Rings
  • Tapered
  • Tool Release
  • Quick Access Port
  • Wash Sleeve


Steel Rings-white background-400x300pxSeeflex 040E is available with stainless steel or plastic support rings to help keep the walls of the connector open.

Ideal for vacuum applications or longer lengths.



Tapered connector-white background-400x300pxSeeflex 040E is available as a tapered version where different entry and exit diameters are required.

Also often used as a simple hopper solution.


Tool Release


Tool Release- 300 x 200pxFor added security, this option has a significantly firmer snap-band that makes it virtually impossible to remove by hand and requires a specially shaped tool.


Quick Access Port


Quick access port-Seeflex 040E-angled hand-no spigotsA 56mm polyurethane thread 'port hole' with a stainless steel screw-in plug that is added to the wall of the connector. 

Allows fast, easy access to product flow for testing, sampling or adding small-volume ingredients.

The Quick Access Port is not currently 3A approved so the connector will no longer have 3A approval.


Wash Sleeve


Wash Sleeve Connector and Dot-1Seeflex 040E is available with a clearly marked "Wash Sleeve" stamp on the front to help differentiate which connector should be used for your CIP process.

Seeflex 040E Applications

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Sifters potato flour
Multiple Seeflex 040E connectors on a gyratory sifter processing potato flour.
Seeflex 040E on Metal Detector - Cereals
Metal Detectors
Seeflex 040E used through a metal detector (cereal).
Seeflex 040E in use outdoors for chemical processing
Outdoor Use
Seeflex 040E used outdoors at the base of a silo processing chemicals.
Seeflex 040E at base of large silo
Seeflex 040E used at the base of a large silo.
Seeflex 040E with rings infant formula production
Infant Formula
Multiple Seeflex 040E connectors with rings used in production of infant formula.
Seeflex 040E processing Coffee Beans
Coffee Beans
Seeflex 040E transporting coffee beans.

Tips and Guides

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For some useful technical tips and information get you started with selecting the BFM® fitting system.

Installation Process

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Helpful information for the entire installation process, from measuring up for the initial welding of your spigots to snap-fitting your connectors.

Contact Us

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If you would like to discuss your unique application, please contact us and we'll help find a solution for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the most appropriate connector media for abrasive products?

Seeflex 040E is very strong and has been used with sugar, crystallized lactose, aggregates etc. Installing with an internal flow correction system is an additional way to further improve the system and avoid undue abrasion.

Is Seeflex 040E suitable for outdoor use - ie. is it UV and water-resistant?

Seeflex 040E can be used outdoors. It has been proven for use in both the sun and water. Extended exposure to UV will cause the Seeflex 040E to turn a little yellow, but the media will not lose any strength or integrity.

Can Seeflex 040E be used with liquids?

Yes, although the BFM® fitting is designed to provide a 100% seal on powder applications, we do not make this statement with liquid. The Seeflex 040E works very well and is used in a number of applications, although there may also be the occasional very small leak (drips). The composition of the liquid would also need to be checked to ensure compatibility with Seeflex.

Will Seeflex 040E work with an ethanol application?

If the contact with the ethanol is permanent the Seeflex 040E is not suitable. If it is sporadic and low temperature then you should have no problem. You may need to run a few tests on the media to check the suitability, as it will depend on time and temperature of contact with the solvent and the application. Please contact one of our representatives to discuss this further.

Can Seeflex 040E be used in an application with animal fat?

Yes, although the fat may stain Seeflex 040E, and cause it to go a little yellow, the strength of the media will not be affected greatly.

Which BFM® connector would be the best solution to use to process a laundry soap product?

This will depend somewhat on what is in the laundry soap. In general the Seeflex 040E will work well. There is often Sodium Carbonate or Sodium salt which may start to break down the Seelfex over an extended period. Unilever in New Zealand run the BFM® fitting on soap product without issue.