Product Description

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LM3 is made from 100% woven polypropylene, and is ideal for low temperature environments, down to -70°C (-94°F).

  • Flexible in low temperature environments. (as low as -70°C/-94°F)

  • Perfect for food processing, especially when some breathability is required to alleviate pressure.
Key Features
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Capable of running at low temperatures

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Permeable material to allow for pressure to alleviate

Physical properties
100% polypropylene
Construction/ Finish
Woven 2×2 twill
295g/m2 / 8.7oz/yd2
Dust tight?
Maximum Number of Rings (on a single connector)
Operating Conditions
Max. Operating Temp
94ºC / 201ºF
Operating Temp Range
- 70 to 94°C / - 94 to 201°F
Surge Temp
107°C / 225 °F
Low Temp / Flexibility
Surface Resistivity (0hms)*
108 (Tested to ASTMD-257)
Air Permeability
13 (cm3/cm2/sec at 125Pa) / 25 (ft3/ft2/min at 0.5 inch wg) NB: 125Pa = 0.5 inch wg
Certification and Compliance
FDA 21 CFR 177.2800
3A Certified
The BFM® cuff and spigot system is a 3A certified 63-04 sanitary fitting.
EU Approved
(EC) 1935/2004, 2023/2006 & 10/2011
Atex Certified

IBExU tested. Approved for all dust explosion hazardous areas. Some restrictions apply.

Available Diameters
  • Ø100mm,
  • Ø125mm then Ø150mm - Ø1,650mm (in 50mm increments).

(max. diameter with SS rings is 500mm, Tool Release is 650mm plastic rings is 1,000mm)

Applicable Connector Lengths
  • 80mm (3"),
  • 100mm (4") to 1,500mm (4ft 11") in 50mm (2") increments.

(min. length for all with rings is 150mm)

Available with SS Rings? (min. length for all is 150mm)
Yes - to Ø500mm = CL ≤ 1,500mm
Available with Plastic Rings? (min. length for all is 150mm)
Yes - to Ø500mm = CL ≤ 1,500mm, Ø550mm - 1,000mm = CL ≤ 500mm
Available as Tool Release?
Yes to Ø650mm
Available as Tapered?
Available as a one ended Connnector?
Quick Access Port Option?

Getting Started with BFM® fittings

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We have Authorized Distributors who will help work through what you want to achieve and how BFM® fitting can improve your plant.

Product Options

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  • Rings
  • Tapered
  • Tool Release


Steel Rings-white background-400x300pxLM3 is available with stainless steel or plastic support rings to help keep the walls of the connector open.

Ideal for vacuum applications or longer lengths.



Tapered connector-white background-400x300pxLM3 is available as a tapered version where different entry and exit diameters are required.

Also often used as a simple hopper solution.


Tool Release


Tool Release- 300 x 200pxFor added security, this option has a significantly firmer snap-band that makes it virtually impossible to remove by hand and requires a specially shaped tool.


Tips and Guides

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For some useful technical tips and information get you started with selecting the BFM® fitting system.

Installation Process

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Helpful information for the entire installation process, from measuring up for the initial welding of your spigots to snap-fitting your connectors.

Contact Us

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If you would like to discuss your unique application, please contact us and we'll help find a solution for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can LM3 be used with processing freeze-dried coffee?

Yes – LM3 is perfect for this application as it can operate comfortably down to -70°C (-94°F). However, we recommend a separate FM1 Breather Bag installed elsewhere in the system to handle the breathing/venting of the air. In other words, although the LM3 is air permeable, it needs to act as a connector, otherwise it may become clogged.