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Transforming Chemical Manufacturing

Transforming Chemical Manufacturing

As anyone working in a Chemical production facility knows, keeping your manufacturing environment dust free is a constant challenge. Flexible connectors are often difficult to fit, prone to leakage and time consuming to replace. On top of this, finding connectors that are both chemical resistant, and compliant with stringent international ATEX explosion standards, is extremely difficult.

The BFM® fitting system is the perfect solution:

Regulatory compliance Regulatory compliance: BFM® Seeflex connectors are 3A approved, and conform with FDA, USDA, EC and ATEX regulations.
Regulatory compliance Chemical resistance: Standard Seeflex range has superior chemical resistance (particularly for CIP and washing) and our Teflex products can be used across the full pH scale
Health & Safety Health & Safety: No tools needed to remove or install the flexible connector in difficult positions ensures a much safer change-over process.
easy installation Easy installation: The quick and easy snap-fit of our BFM®  blue band connector means they are fast and simple for all staff to replace.
reduced downtime Reduced downtime: More durable materials and fast, easy changeovers mean downtime is significantly reduced.
standardisation Standardization: Simplify the variety of connectors and materials throughout your plant with our standardized sizing - drastically reduces inventory and provides easier stock control 

BFM® in the Battery Industry

BFM® understands the degree of difficulty when dealing with extremely fine powders such as lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxide (10µ). A traditional hose-clamped connection will struggle to contain the material flowing, resulting in powder leakage throughout the production area as well as a time-consuming cleaning and changeover process. When it comes to powder processing, investing in quality equipment for process lines is essential - but any machinery is only as good as the flexible connection system that links the processes together. 

Find out how BFM® can help your plant achieve maximum efficiency.

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App example

A pure PTFE connector capable of running at high temperatures, and can be used across the full pH scale. Teflex NP Black also offers excellent surface resistivity - 106.

Compliant with:

PTFE is compliant with FDA CFR21 177.1550 & CFR 178.3297, (EC) 1935/2004 10/2011.

Key features/uses:

  • Capable of running at high temperatures (Continuously operating at 300ºC / 572ºF with short-term surges at 316ºC / 600ºF)
  • Can be used on products across the full pH scale i.e. caustic and acid products will not effect PTFE
  • Designed to dissipate electrical charge - 106
  • Food Grade - compliant with FDA & EU regulations

Note: Teflex NP Black is not recommended for use in oscillating applications. For vibrating applications, please discuss with your local BFM® Distributor. 

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The BFM® fitting Difference

Introducing the revolutionary snap-in, flexible BFM® connector and spigot.

Our patented technology eliminates the problems associated with traditional hose clamp systems.

What began as the 2am brainwave of creator Blair McPheat is now trusted by some of the world’s largest processing companies to keep their product (and profits) flowing.

Find out about our story and how you can make your industrial environment cleaner, safer and more efficient.

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Our Customers

BFM® connectors are trusted by many of the world’s largest chemical, food, mineral and pharmaceutical companies. Including 3M, Dow Chemical, AkzoNobel, GSK, Pfizer, Bayer, Dupont, and Orica. Keeping their manufacturing facilities dust-free, reducing downtime and improving health and safety.

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