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The BFM® fitting is ideally suited for all oscillating, gyrating or vibratory equipment.

Its unique internal snap-fit system creates a perfect seal every time. No more product leakage or build-up at the connection points.

Sifters are used for many and varying products, ranging from dried food to aggregates, pharmaceutical to liquid chocolate. The movement of the sifter requires a flexible connection between both the feed hopper and the output.

The most common problem with sifters is poor sealing around the flexible connector leading to a loss of product and serious hygiene issues. The movement of the sifter can easily loosen traditional clamp-and-hose type connections, causing tears and leaks.

The BFM® fitting is the perfect solution to meet the demands of sifter applications:

100% sealed: There is no more dust leakage, no product loss and no contamination of the work environment.
Easy installation: The simple snap-fit of the flexible BFM® fitting makes change-overs easy, and standard length BFM® Connectors fit correctly.
Explosion resistant: The elimination of dust combined with the antistatic properties of BFM® fitting helps eliminate the risk of secondary explosion.
Higher pressure & movement tolerance: The BFM® snaps in place and seals from the inside meaning it can withstand pressure and pulling forces (oscillation or vibration) far better than traditional hose clips systems.
Reduced downtime: Fast and efficient cleaning in between product runs means downtime is significantly reduced.
Certification: BFM® connectors are 3A approved, and conform with FDA, EC and ATEX regulations.

Oscillating Sifters (swing in a rotating movement)

Oscillating sifters, such as Allgaier, Great Western and Rotex have a large throw (movement) from left to right as well as up and down. To allow for sufficient flexibility to take up the oscillating movement of the sifter decks, the flexible connectors typically need to be longer than the usual standard of 100 or 200mm.

The rule of thumb is: connector length is equal to the diameter x 1.5.

To keep the product range as standard as possible, we recommend that you keep to these lengths if at all possible.

Vibrating Sifters (shake rapidly from side to side)

Vibrating sifters, such as VAV and Sweco, have a far smaller amount of movement when compared to an oscillating sifter, either sideways or up and down.

The sifters run at a far higher rate, hence the term vibratory.

This means that sizing and working out an installation gap is much easier for these types of sifters.

For more information on calculating the correct installation height and connector length, please refer to the 'Getting the Perfect Fit' guide.

Things That Affect Connector Life on Sifters

There are a number of variables that will affect the life of any connector on a sifter (regardless of whether it is BFM® or a conventional type), such as:

  • Extent and duration of operation.
  • Abrasion from product flow.
  • Additional stress from chemical products (e.g Acid, Caustic).
  • Extreme temperatures.
  • Installation height (the straighter the connector, the less wear will occur).
  • Negative pressure – there is often a small vacuum in the system to help product exit the sifter smoothly.
    This vacuum may slightly suck the connector walls to the inside and cause further creasing with potential premature damage. If at all possible, pneumatic suction should be avoided in conjunction with strong oscillating movement.

Important Note:

  • To get an optimal fit for the BFM® connector, creating the right Installation Gap (IG) is essential. The areas where the material folds up if the gap is too small will be most prone to abrasion and eventual cracking. For help in calculating the correct Installation Gap, you can download the BFM® Installation Gap Calculator here, or contact your local BFM® Distributor.
  • Switching the connectors upside down regularly will help spread out the burden a little and therefore extend the operating life of the BFM® connector.
  • It is also important to install the connectors with the vertical seam at a right angle to the spigot and to avoid twisting of the connector. Please refer to the 'Easy Installation Guide'.

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