BFM® Connectors Are 100% Sealed

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The unique design of the snap-fit spigot and connector system is key to how it provides a 100% seal.

The specially shaped 'cuff' on the ends of a BFM® fitting connector snap-fit exactly inside the corresponding shaped ridges on the BFM® fitting spigot, and the outward pressure of the snap-band inside the cuff creates the perfect seal. Because it seals from the inside, product leakage and blow-outs are eliminated.


Seals Better Under Pressure

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Any internal pressure just pushes the cuff of the connector harder against the spigot, creating an even tighter seal. There is nowhere for product to leak or build-up as there are no crevices on the outside of the pipe for it to escape to. 

Our Seeflex 040E connectors have been pressure tested to safely perform under constant pressures of up to 5 PSI (34.5 kPa, .345 Bar), and explosion pressure of over 9.14 PSI (63 kPa, .63 Bar). Find out more about BFM® under operating pressure.

Perfect Fit Everytime

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Ensuring a flexible connector is installed correctly can be difficult for clamped connectors as they have to be manually adjusted each time they are changed.

This lead to inconsistency and subsequent performance and product leakage issues. This is even more important when they are on sifters and other machinery where movement is involved. 

This is one of the key reasons major manufacturers chose the BFM® fitting spigot and connector system over the traditional hose-clamped connector. Once the spigots are correctly installed, the connectors are simply snap-fitted in and out in seconds - in exactly the right position every time. 

Snap fitting a BFM Connector


Before BFM®

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A hose-clamped connector with product leaking on the machinery


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Clamped connectors have measurement variations leading to ill-fitting connectors.

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Valuable product leaks through clamps, requires clean-up and is slow and difficult to change.

After BFM®

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BFM® connector with earthing strap attached


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100% sealed design to ensure a perfect fit every time.

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Leak-free and dust-free, and can be installed in under 30 seconds.

Our Strong Seeflex Will Not Tear

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Our most popular and widely used materials come from our Seeflex range. 
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Seeflex is a very strong and flexible material, made from an ether-based polyurethane.

The manufacturing method used to make Seeflex is designed to give it superior wear strength and resistance over the other commonly used connector materials like silicon and rubber. It is also transparent to allow for great visibility of product flow. 

One of its key strengths is its tear resistance - if a hole does occur in a Seeflex connector, it won't tear and allow massive product leakage like other types of materials.

Before and after BFM®'s were installed in a lithium ion battery plant


Case Study

"There is also now a 100% seal so there is no additional mess to clean up around the connection, and no product is lost."

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A major lithium powder manufacturer in Korea had challenges with this extremely fine (10μ) powder leaking throughout their production area, as well as time-consuming connector fitting during product changeovers and cleaning.

Then, they replaced their traditional hose-clamped connections with BFM® fitting, and have seen significant improvements in both changeover turn-around speed and retention of valuable product.

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