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CIP - Clean In Place

BFM® fitting ideal in CIP (Clean in Place) installations.

The tight seal, impervious media and ease of removal of the BFM® connector help to make cleaning and maintenance during CIP a breeze.

Seeflex 040E has excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. The connector can be used during the CIP process and very easily removed for cleaning any residual chemicals.

Many companies like to have a separate connector especially for the CIP process. BFM® can supply a product that is clearly marked ‘Wash Sleeve’  and the ease of change means this connector can be simply snapped in for the wash cycle only.


Good cleaning practices are important!

In most cases, maintaining the BFM® blue band connector is purely a matter of good housekeeping. If the CIP chemicals (usually either caustic or acid) are not washed off thoroughly then they will leave yellow stains on the Seeflex 040E media. This is not contamination but simply discolouration of the media through a lack of rinsing. Chemical solution that remains on the connector will evaporate leaving a corrosive layer of chemical on the connector fabric.

It is therefore highly recommended that you wipe both the inside of the spigot and the connector after CIP to remove any residual cleaning chemicals.


Below are the maximum concentration levels that should be used during a CIP for acid and caustic. Any greater level does not provide an increased benefit in terms of cleaning the system, it is purely wasting chemicals. Excess levels will also adversely affect other parts in the system, such as seals and gaskets.

  • ACID:              No more than 0.8%
  • CAUSTIC:       No more than 1.5%


Click here for a guide to manual cleaning of your BFM® connectors.

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