Less Than 30 Seconds to Change

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The snap-fit design of the BFM® fitting system means downtime to change connectors is drastically cut.

A BFM® fitting connector can be easily changed in less than 30 seconds.


BFM® Easy Installation Process

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Bend connector for snap fit 400 x 300
Step 1

Bend the BFM® connector into a kidney shape before placing it inside the Spigot.

Snapping In Connector 400x267
Step 2
Align the back of the connector into the grooves of the Spigot and release
Adjusting Connector Cuff 452 x 300
Step 3
If the connector does not snap in fully first time, choose a point on the circumference of the cuff that is a few inches away from where the cuff hasn't snapped in. Slightly push in the cuff and repeat in several different places until it has snapped in completely.
Seeflex 040E on 2 spigots-white background-400x300px
Step 4
The connector cuff should be sitting snugly and evenly with both ridges inside the spigot grooves. Repeat the process with the other end of the connector.

Why Do Quick Changeovers Matter?

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Quick Changeover screenshotQuick Changeovers are crucial in ensuring minimal downtime, improving efficiency and productivity, maintaining safety, and maintaining the quality of the products produced.

Our BFM® connectors have the fastest changeover in the market and can be completed in under 30 seconds. This can help your plant avoid significant loss of production and revenue when something does go wrong.

Learn more about the benefits of reduced downtime

Installation Guides

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We have a range of videos and guides to help you with Installing BFM® fitting.

Cleaning Guides

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View our tips and guides on how to keep your connectors clean.
Case Study

"They make things so much easier for our operators.”

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- Superintendant of Engineering and Maintenance for Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods Inc

Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods Inc, USA, mills a range of flours, meals and cereals 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. They had a time-challenge with the difficult cleaning and refitting of their traditional clamp-and-sleeve connectors when switching product runs.

BFM® connector and spigots installed in a Bob's Red Mill Plant


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BFM® fitting is transforming processing plants globally. Keep updated on news, products, insights and new product developments.