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Metal Detectors

Metal detector applications can be a challenging environment for traditional hose-clamp systems because steel cannot be in near proximity to the detector unit. 

The BFM® fitting system offers a range of urethanes that are suited to metal detection devices which provides excellent visibility of product flowing through the detector.

Because the BFM® connectors are flexible, they are easy to fold and feed through the metal detector - no rigid and cumbersome tubes.  

This flexibility, coupled with the simple snap-fit installation, means BFM® connectors are also fast and easy to remove and replace from the metal detector for cleaning.  

If you have vacuum in your system, all BFM® connectors can be fitted with plastic anti-collapse rings to help keep the connector walls open.

In addition to these features, the BFM® fitting system is also 100% dust-tight, eliminating plant and product contamination.


The BFM® fitting system has been successfully integrated with a variety of metal detection devices:

For more information on an appropriate connector solution for use with metal detectors, contact your local BFM® Distributor.

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