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This bulk bag loader (also known as a bulk bag filler) is a three-layered, inflatable filling head featuring a stainless steel core fully encased in Seeflex ether-based urethane.

  • Includes external air fitting that plugs into an 8mm pneumatic air-line to inflate super strong & flexible outer layer.

  • Features built-in pressure-relief valve (set at 6psi) to avoid over-inflation

  • Top of loader simply snaps into a BFM® fitting spigot and features a fully encapsulated stainless steel ring to support lower end.

  • Inflates in seconds and seals tight on the neck of bulk bag, eliminating product leaks.

  • Much safer for workers hands as there are no pinch points.

  • Can be used on bulk bags with or without plastic liners.

NB: Pneumatic air-line is recommended to operate between 3-4 psi, up to a maximum of 6psi.

Key Features
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Inflates in seconds, tight seal on bulk bag neck

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Can be used on bulk bags with or without plastic liners

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Fully encapsulated stainless steel ring to support lower end

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USDA (Material Only), EC and ATEX compliant

Physical properties
Seeflex -Ether-based thermoplastic polyurethane
Construction/ Finish
Wall Thickness (+/- 10%)
0.9 mm / 1/32 inch
Hardness (Shore A)
Tensile Strength (MPa)
Ultimate Elongation
Tear Strength – Die C (N)
Dust tight?
Operating Conditions
Max. Operating Temp
110ºC / 230ºF
Operating Temp Range
- 25 to 110˚C / - 13 to 230˚F
Surface Resistivity (0hms)*
Certification and Compliance
FDA 21 CFR 177.1680 & 177.2600 and USDA (material only)
3A Certified
Manufactured from 3A 20-27 certified Seeflex Material and the BFM® cuff and spigot system is a 3A certified 63-04 sanitary fitting.
EU Approved
(EC) 1935/2004, 2023–2006 & 10/2011
Atex Certified

IBExU tested. Approved for all dust explosion hazardous areas. Some restrictions apply.

Available Diameters
  • Ø150mm - Ø450mm (in 50mm increments)
Applicable Connector Lengths
  • All are 330mm

(measured from bottom of cuff to end of steel ring at bottom of loader)

Available as Tapered?
Quick Access Port Option?

Dust-free Bulk Bag Loading

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non-BFM® connector used to fill a bulk bag

Non-BFM sleeve used to fill a bulk bag.


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Inflated BFM® Bulk Bag Loader

BFM® Bulk Bag Loader with bag for filling

Product Option

Tool Release (TR)

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For added security, this option has a significantly firmer snap-band that makes it virtually impossible to remove by hand and requires a specially shaped tool.
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Tips and Guides

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For some useful technical tips and information get you started with selecting the BFM® fitting system.

Installation Process

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Helpful information for the entire installation process, from measuring up for the initial welding of your spigots to snap-fitting your connectors.

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If you would like to discuss your unique application, please contact us and we'll help find a solution for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the maximum safe cycles of operations for BFM® Bulk Bag Loader?

BFM® Bulk Bag Loaders have been tested in excess of 1 million inflation/deflation cycles grabbing a bulk bag neck.

As your bag loader ages you may wish to reduce the operating pressure as the pressure required to grip your Bulk Bag will decrease with age.