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New Smiley Face Tool Release Option

Our new 'Smiley Face' Tool Release option provides an added level of safety for customers who are concerned about their staff using 'make-shift' tools like screw-drivers to remove our 'Tool Release' (TR) connectors.

What is a 'TR' connector?

For areas where you want to significantly reduce the risk of staff putting their hands near dangerous moving parts, our TR (Tool Release) connectors have a much firmer cuff that is virtually impossible to release manually*. 

A special rounded-end tool is used to release the connector by inserting it through a small hole drilled in the spigot (see left)


What is the 'Smiley Face' Tool Release Option?

Rather than a standard 'round' hole drilled in the edge of the spigot, our new 'Smiley Face' Tool Release Option has a unique 'smiley' shaped hole that stops anything but our 'Smiley Face' Tool Release Tool (right) from being used to remove the connector. 

The special Smiley Face Tool can then be held securely and only accessed by authorized personnel to ensure safe operation.

How does the Smiley Face Tool Release System work?

We have developed a pneumatic Smiley Face Hole Punch (shown right) that is simply attached to the edge of the spigot and wound using a ratchet to punch the special Smiley Face hole in exactly the right place in minutes.   

Only our special Smiley Face Tool Release Tool will then be able to be used in conjunction with any Smiley Face punched spigots. 


How can I get the Smiley Face Hole Punch ?

This Smiley Face Hole Punch is available now for purchase, and it comes securely nestled in it's own heavy-duty carry case (see left).

The Recommended Retail Price (RRP) for the Smiley Face Hole Punch is NZ$4,500.

A  'Smiley Face Hole Punch' brochure is available here that walks you through the hole punch system and how it works. 


Please contact your local Distributor for more information about our Tool Release safety options.


* CAUTION: Although the firmer TR band is a significant deterrent to manual removal, if an individual is determined enough, it may still be possible.

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