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BFM Spigot Information


Available in Stainless Steel T304L and T316L , as well as C22 Hastelloy. They are available in a range of exact sizes, eliminating the imprecise nature of hose-clamp sleeve type connection widths and ensuring a perfect fit with the BFM® connector.

Key features:

  • The design is slightly tapered, so the OD at the top of the tail is 5mm / 13/64”  greater than the base
  • 89mm (3 1/2") in total length - made up of a head of 37mm (1 29/64") and a 'tail' that is 52mm (2”) long 
  • The tail can be easily cut down or cut on an angle to suit your existing pipework
  • To enable the installation of a TR (Tool Release) connector, a 6mm / 15/64” hole must be drilled in the top ridge of the head

Note: For applications where there is a possibility for static build up, e.g. wood dust, flour, milk powder etc., we recommend using a static dissipative wire (strip), connecting the two BFM® spigots together.

Available Sizes:

Diameters: Ø100mm (4"), Ø125mm (5"), Ø150mm (6") to Ø1,650mm (65") in 50mm (2") increments


Download the Product Spec Sheet

Physical Properties

Material Stainless Steel T316L
Stainless Steel T304L
C22 Hastelloy
Interior Finish ≤ 0.8Ra micro-metres (32Ra micro-inches)
Wall Thickness 2.0mm / 5/64"
Available Diameters (Stainless Steel) 100mm*, 125mm, 150mm then in 50mm increments up to 1,650mm
4"*, 5", 6" then in 2" increments up to 65"
(*Ø measured on outside (OD), all other sizes measured on inside (ID))
Available Diameters (Hastelloy) From 150mm up to 500mm in 50mm increments
From 6" up to 20" in 2" increments

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