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BFM® fitting is more efficient

90% Cost Savings

“BFM® fittings have made the dismantling and re-installation process so much faster - saving us a massive amount of downtime. The system is now 100% sealed during both the processing and cleaning operations and we've reduced our cleaning changeover labour costs by 90%!”

Chris Clifford, Site Maintenance Manager, Tyson Foods - Berryville, USA

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Easy Installation

“They’re one of the best things we’ve found…since installing the first two fittings, we’ve been replacing all of the remaining clamp-and-sleeve connectors with BFM® fittings. I’ve been putting them everywhere there’s a transfer point because they make things so much easier for our operators.”

Superintendent of Engineering and Maintenance, Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods Inc, USA

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Longer Lifespan

"Plaster is very fine and gets everywhere. It’s difficult to contain, particularly when your connecting sleeve has holes in it! The BFM® connector seals inside the spigot so it can’t chafe on the sharp edges . It lasts for longer and best of all it doesn’t leak any dust.”

Works Engineer,
UK Plaster Manufacturer

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The BFM® fitting flexible connector system provides so many advantages in terms of operational efficiency, it's an investment that pays for itself many times over.

Here's why BFM® fitting is so much more efficient than standard connector systems...

Snap-in fit makes connector changes fast & easy.

Once your spigots are installed with the correct Installation Gap (IG), fitting a BFM® connector is easy. In fact it's so easy, you can replace the connectors using just your hands in less than 30 seconds, significantly reducing your downtime and increasing production efficiency.

The standard BFM® connector is also tool-free, which means it is much simpler, faster and safer to replace than traditional clamp and hose connections.  

With the custom made spigots holding the connector cuffs firmly in the exact position, you're guaranteed a perfect fit each time.  There's no chance of it being too long or short, or leaking because of a slightly wrong installation.  If you need to change-out connectors between lines, the BFM® fitting system reduces your downtime significantly, meaning big long-term savings.

See how fast the BFM® connector is to replace...

Standardizes sizes mean less inventory is needed.

Most standard connectors come in a huge range of sizes, which can lead to massive inventory requirements for spares.  It can also mean that the size variations can affect installation accuracy and performance.  

Because the BFM® fitting system has standardized sizes (in 50mm increments) and accurate snap-fit placement, the perfect sized connector is always installed in exactly the right place.

We recommend when installing BFM® fitting systems on multiple positions within a plant to try and reduce the use of irregular sizes and lengths wherever possible.  This simplifies re-ordering and stock management - and because they last longer and are quicker to fit, BFM® fitting means less downtime and long-term savings.

Watch our video explaining more about the benefits of standardization with BFM® fitting here...

BFM® improving efficiency for companies around the world:

Large UK bakery saves over £40,000 of lost production with BFM®

A large, multinational bakery in the UK was having difficulty with the flexible sleeve connecting a weigh hopper and dough mixer.  Inaccuracy in fitting meant load cells were affected and each time an hour of lost production was spent adjusting the connector to ensure accurate tare weight.  Installing BFM® flexible fittings has saved them over £40,000 in lost production.

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Bayer CropScience chooses BFM® to standardize its connectors globally.

The engineers at the world’s third-largest innovative agricultural input company, Bayer CropScience, were searching for a flexible connector that could be standardized throughout their global operations.  After an extensive search, the BFM® fitting system has been selected as the standard flexible connector for Bayer CropScience’s global operations.

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Lost productivity eliminated by concrete manufacturer using BFM® connectors

The canvas weigh hopper connectors at a leading British concrete products manufacturer absorbed moisture, making them prone to blockages. This caused considerable lost productivity and poor weighing accuracy. To add to the problem, jubilee clips caused excessive dust leakage and made replacement extremely time consuming.

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