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Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry production facilities are required to comply with stringent international ATEX explosion standards, and be environmentally safe. They’re also looking for the highest hygiene standards, whilst minimising failure points and interruptions.

The BFM® Fitting is the perfect solution to meet the demands of the Pharmaceutical manufacturing environment:

Regulatory compliance: Fully tested and ATEX certified to be used in potentially explosive dust areas, ensuring Health and Safety compliance.
Improved hygiene Improved hygiene and environment: Flexible connector blow-outs and leakage are eliminated because BFM® Connectors seal from the inside. The 100% dust-tight seal provides a much cleaner production environment.
easy installation Easy installation: The simplicity and standardisation of the snap-fit flexible BFM® connector means they are fast and simple for all staff to replace.
reduced downtime Reduced downtime: The simple snap-fit system has created significant time savings in terms of cleaning change-overs and maintenance downtime.
Standardisation: The variety of flexible connectors and materials can be drastically reduced meaning easier stock control and supply.


"I was amazed - absolutely zero powder infiltrated from the sleeve."

AMEDICA is the only medical technology company in the world that has FDA clearance to use medical grade silicon nitride ceramic powder to manufacture revolutionary spinal implants. This requires an extremely high level of hygiene. When processed, however, this fine-as-talc powder infiltrated processing equipment connections and created a consistently powdery atmosphere, threatening the health of AMEDICA’s employees.

“From the day I first turned on our bulk powder processing equipment with the BFM® fitting installed, I was amazed. There was no more sand cloud and absolutely zero powder infiltrated from the sleeve. Our employees now work in safer environment, and labour costs have been cut as there is no longer a need for frequent cleaning”  said Jeff Goodell, Director of Facilities and Maintenance for AMEDICA .

Read the full case study here. 


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