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New Teflex NP Opaque

New Teflex NP Opaque image

With our black Teflex NP already proving very popular with customers, we were regularly being asked for a white version or one you can see product flowing through.

We're delighted to advise that now we've managed to combine the best of both worlds in a new product called 'Teflex NP Opaque'.

It's almost white and almost transparent!

As with our Teflex NP Black product, the Teflex NP (‘non-permeable’) Opaque is made from a pure PTFE laminate and can operate continuously at 300°C (572°F) with short term surges up to 316°C (600°F). 

It can also be used on products across the full pH scale, as caustic and acid products will not affect PTFE.   

The great benefit of this Teflex NP version is that because the connector material itself is 'opaque', it allows you some visibility to see your product flowing.

It's a slightly stronger material than our original Teflex NP Black version, but the major functional difference between the two products is that the Opaque version is insulative and therefore has not been ATEX rated/tested for use in ATEX restricted zones. 

Our Teflex NP Black product has excellent dissipative qualities (106) and has also been Atex tested and approved, so this may be a better choice if you have ATEX compliance requirements.

Teflex NP Opaque is now available in the same range of connector sizes as our Teflex NP Black, with diameters from 150mm to 500mm and lengths from 80mm to 1,000mm.  It is also priced the same as Teflex NP Black.


Download a copy of the Teflex NP Opaque Spec Sheet now.

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