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Better Hygiene Under Pressure (Dairy)


A leading New Zealand dairy plant had a major challenge with hygiene in their blending filler room. A vibratory discharging cone was connected to the hopper via a traditional connecting sock and steel clamps. There was excessive dust leakage and product build-up in the joins – a major hygiene issue. Since installing the BFM® fitting system, the room is clean and there has been a significant reduction in both downtime and replacement costs.

Product build-up on clamped connector before BFM


The Challenge

The regular gas purging of the system forced powder through small gaps in the old-style sock and steel clamp connector. This caused an unhygienic environment and hours of down-time for regular cleaning. There was also a major contamination point created by significant product build up between the externally fitted sock and hopper. The steel strapping clamps were very time consuming to remove and re-fit during sock cleaning & replacement.

Dust-free BFM fitting even during gas-purging


The Solution

The installation of a BFM® fitting for both the upper and lower connections has created a sealed system, and the filling room is now a dust-free environment. The pressure from the gas purging no longer causes product leakage, and because the fitting sits inside the spigot, there is no product build-up at the connector joins. When the fittings do need replacing, it’s now a quick and easy snap-fit process.

The Benefits

benefit image


The contamination point has been eliminated and no more product leakage has improved overall plant hygiene immensely.
benefit image

Health & Safety

The working environment is now clean and dust free for workers.
benefit image


Fast, snap-fit installation and removal means easy change-over when required.
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Thousands of dollars a year are being saved by eliminating downtime for constant cleaning and complex sock replacement.

The filling room operators are ecstatic about how their work environment is now dust-free and a “pleasure to work in”. They no longer spend hours cleaning powder off the surfaces in the filling room or have to regularly remove the messy wire-clamps and socks from the machinery to remove the product build-up between the connectors.

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