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BFM® Bulk Bag Loader

Filling bulk bags without leakage is a challenge for any production line, so having an easy to use, fast to change, leak-proof filling head is essential for efficient operations.

We've used our patented spigot and snap-fit connector system to develop a fully sealed, inflatable Bulk Bag Loading head that makes hygienic loading a breeze.

How does it work?

The BFM® Bulk Bag Loader is a three-layered inflatable filling head that snaps easily into a BFM® spigot welded to your outlet chute.  It features a stainless steel central core, fully encased in BFM®’s strong, flexible Seeflex urethane. 

The Bulk Bag Loader comes complete with an external air fitting that is simply plugged into a standard 8mm pneumatic air-line to inflate the super strong and flexible outer layer.  

The superior seal of the BFM® fitting system means that the neck of your bulk bag will be securely held open and there will be no leaks during loading. Once loading is complete, the outer sleeve can be instantly deflated for easy bag removal.


The pneumatic air inlet fitting (right) is simply plugged into a standard 8mm(OD) air-line tube. 

When inflated, the outer seeflex layer will securely hold the bag neck up and open for clean, efficient filling. 

No clamps means there are no pinch-points to endanger operators' hands when fitting the bag, making it much safer for staff.




  • Inner & outer sleeves made from strong Seeflex urethane (3A & EU Compliant)
  • Stainless steel core tube (encased by Seeflex sleeve)
  • Patented BFM® fitting snap-fit top cuff
  • Encapsulated stainless steel ring at lower end
  • 8mm elbow-style pneumatic inlet fitting (with reinforced insertion point)



The BFM® advantage:

  • Our Seeflex urethane is much stronger, more flexible and durable than silicone/rubber-based products that degrade if inflated multiple times
  • 100% seal of the BFM® fitting system is better than anything else in the market (no hose clamps to leak!)
  • Snap-fit connection makes it faster and easier to take out, clean and replace than any other connector/filling head
  • Quick fitting & removal of bulk bags
  • Safer for workers as there are no pinch-points to catch hands against when pulling up the bulk-bag neck

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The BFM® Bulk Bag Loader is available in the following standard diameters:


To Fit Bag Sizes:

Part No:

Ø150mm Ø165 - Ø200mm 305078
Ø200mm Ø220 - Ø260mm 305075


Ø270 - Ø340mm



Ø320 - Ø395mm



Ø370 - Ø460xmm 304791


Ø420 - Ø540mm 302363
Ø450mm Ø470 - Ø590mm 304828

The length is standard for all diameters: 330mm. 

Things to know before installing:

  • You will need to have a BFM® Spigot of the appropriate size attached to your outlet pipe for the BFM® Bulk Bag Loader to snap into (this is additional to the Bulk Bag Loader price shown above).
  • A standard 8mm (OD) tube is required for operation.
  • Recommended operating pressure is 3 - 4psi, with a maximum of 6psi.
  • We recommend installing a pressure relief valve in case of any sudden or accidental pressure surges.
  • Air-venting/dust extraction still needs to be enabled inside the filling chute.
  • A foot-controller for the airline inlet valve is recommended to free up operators hands.


Download a Bulk Bag Loader Spec Sheet

View the Bulk Bag Loader Product page

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