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BFM® Connector Safety

Explosion Safety BFM®
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With Health and Safety such a high priority for businesses today, the BFM® fitting provides a number of features that will help to enhance your factory's health and safety.

Safer Installation 

Installing and replacing flexible connectors on machinery can present a number of dangers:

  • Hoseclips can be difficult to unfasten and replace, particularly in hard-to-get-to locations.  Using sharp tools like screwdrivers, particularly in these types of positions, can potentially be a hazard to workers.
  • Replacing connectors that are close to moving parts like rotary valves or knives can be extremely dangerous

The BFM® fitting has a simple snap-fit installation, and our standard connectors require no tools.  

We also have options available that give you additional levels of protection against potential risk to staff:

Tool Release (TR) Connector Option

For areas where you want to significantly reduce the risk of staff putting their hands near dangerous moving parts, our TR (Tool Release) connectors (shown below) provide the perfect solution.

To help keep hands safe, the connector cuff on the TR connector is much firmer and is virtually impossible to release manually - a special rounded-end tool is used to release the connector by inserting it through a small hole drilled in the spigot. 

CAUTION: Although the firmer TR band is a significant deterrent to manual removal, if an individual is determined enough, it may still be possible.

NEW: 'Smiley Face' Tool Release Option

To further prevent staff improvising inappropriate tools to remove a TR connector, our new 'Smiley Face' tool means that the shape of the hole made in the spigot will only allow our identically shaped tool option to be used.

The uniquely shaped 'Smiley Face' hole is punched through the top of the spigot using our special 'Smiley Face' Hole Punch.


You can download an information guideline about this new product here.


An additional safety measure while using the BFM® fitting near rotating machinery is to is to use the BFM® Pneumatic Monitoring System which immediately alerts you when a fitting is being removed and can be programmed to automatically shut-off any dangerous machinery.

BFM® Pneumatic Monitoring System

BFM®’s Pneumatic Monitoring System is an automatic warning system for any process where there is a potential for danger to operators hands (eg. above rotary valves or knives), or as a positional sensor to ensure all connectors in a large plant are installed correctly at all times.

The system works by pumping pressurised air between the silicone cuff of the BFM® connector and the spigot. An air line sensor immediately detects if this outward pressure is released as the connector cuff begins to get pushed inwards when it is being removed, setting off an alarm and/or shutting off any moving parts below.

Counters visibly show when the seal is not correct, and the control system can be arranged for multiple connectors to aid monitoring larger installations.  Check out the BFM® Pneumatic Monitoring System here.

Reduced Explosion Risk


Dust leaking from flexible connections during operation can not only cause an unhealthy atmosphere for staff to breathe, but the potential for secondary explosions in certain conditions is a very real and serious health and safety risk for any factory.

BFM® fitting provides a sealed system which means there is no dust leaking into the factory environment - healthier for your staff, and safer for your entire plant.

Our popular Seeflex 040E fittings have undergone extensive testing and have been proven to contain internal explosions in excess of 60kPa.

To further reduce the risk of consequential fires, our Kevlar covers have been tested to withstand pressures in excess of 100kPa.

  Check out our explosion testing videos here.

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