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Standard Seeflex 040AS connectors up to a maximum of 650mm diameter are confirmed as Atex compliant up to the following lengths: Free Fall: Dust Ex Zones (Interior/Exterior) 20-22: Maximum 2m Free Fall: Gas Ex Zones (Exterior) 1 + 2: Maximum 2m Pneumatic Transport: Dust Ex Zones (Interior/Exterior) 20-22: Maximum 200mm Pneumatic Transport: Gas Ex Zones (Exterior) 1 + 2: Maximum 200mm Connectors with plastic rings are compliant to the same lengths as those listed above. Connectors with stainless steel rings have the following restrictions: – Not approved for use in any Gas Ex Zones – Free Fall: Dust Ex Zones (Interior/Exterior) 20-22: Maximum 2m – Pneumatic Transport: Dust Ex Zones (Interior/Exterior) 20-22: Maximum 200mm Any other diameters/lengths do not comply without further testing.

Yes. The Seeflex 040AS has anti-static properties to ensure static does not build up through product flow (friction). The anti-static strap is required for any occurrence of electricity through the system. This could be caused by any unexpected current/charge. No connector will allow a large/sudden electrical charge to pass so the strap is required to ensure a spark does not pass between pieces of equipment.

Seeflex 040E has been confirmed by IBExU as Atex compliant for all Dust Zones for standard diameters up to 1m (39.5") long for freefall and 200mm (8") long for pneumatic conveyance. It is also compliant for Outer Gas Zones 1 & 2 for all standard diameters up to 200mm (8")(Zone 1) and 1m (39.5") (Zone 2) for freefall and up to 200mm (8") for pneumatic conveyance. Refer to the ‘BFM Atex Declaration of Compliance’ document for more information. A copy of the testing reports are available on request.

The pressure sensors used in the Pneumatic Monitoring System are made by SMC and are CE certified. 

We have currently tested a single Pneumatic Monitoring System on spigots up to Ø350mm.  For spigots Ø400mm and over, we advise installing additional sensors. Please contact BFM® Global for specific recommendations on this. 

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