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Standard Seeflex 040AS connectors up to a maximum of 650mm diameter are confirmed as Atex compliant - there are maximum length restrictions depending on the zones and processes involved.  Please refer to the following document for more information: BFM® Declaration of Compliance - ATEX

Yes. The Seeflex 040AS has anti-static properties to ensure static does not build up through product flow (friction). The anti-static strap is required for any occurrence of electricity through the system. This could be caused by any unexpected current/charge. No connector will allow a large/sudden electrical charge to pass so the strap is required to ensure a spark does not pass between pieces of equipment.

Seeflex 040E has been confirmed by IBExU as Atex compliant for all Dust Zones  Please refer to the ‘BFM® Declaration of Compliance - ATEX’ document for more information. A copy of the testing reports are available on request.

The pressure sensors used in the Pneumatic Monitoring System are made by SMC and are CE certified. 

We have currently tested a single Pneumatic Monitoring System on spigots up to Ø350mm.  For spigots Ø400mm and over, we advise installing additional sensors. Please contact BFM® Global for specific recommendations on this. 

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