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The wire used for the rings and Kevlar/Blackout cover holders is 6mm 304g stainless steel with a tensile strength of approximately 800MPa.

For a 150mm connector, the minimum distance is 75mm, for all other lengths, it's 100mm.  A 250mm connector can also have 2 rings that are 75mm in from the spigots (and therefore 100mm apart from each other).

Rings on longer lengths are recommended to be spaced evenly 100mm apart.

Seeflex 040E can be used with 5 PSI on a a standard connector length (up to 200mm Long). Above this we recommend using a SS Ring support ring or the Seeflex 040E with a Camlon outer layer. Please contact a BFM represetative for more information.

Although we have tested the TR version of the BFM® Seeflex fittings under vacuum to over 0.8 bar vacuum, we would not recommend a Seeflex connector for that much pressure (refer to the ‘BFM® Limitations: Negative Pressure’ document). However, depending on the length of the connector and the type of vacuum (i.e. will it be gradual increases, is it continuous, is it sudden and/or occasional) it may be possible with the insertion of rings in the connector. The length is the most critical element as greater lengths will cause the walls to suck in further, potentially placing them in the product flow increasing likely abrasion. If having a non-transparent connector is an option, the LM4 connector is a good option. Because it is a woven fabric, the LM4 will suck in outside air which is filtered through the material.

For vacuum, the best way to keep the connector ‘open’ is to use SS Rings (This is generally only possible with connectors over 100mm long). Refer to the ‘BFM® Limitations: Negative Pressure’ document for more information. Another option is to use fabric connectors, such as the LM3 or LM4 which ‘breathe’ and filter air into the system. Refer to the ‘BFM® Limitations: Negative Pressure’ document for more information.

The maximum for stainless steel (SS) rings is 500mm (20 inches), for plastic rings we can do any diameter up to 1,000mm (39.5 inches).  Please refer to our Quick Ref. Limitations Summary for more information.

Yes – although this is an additional cost.

Seeflex 040E, Seeflex 040AS, LM4, LM3, Teflex and Teflex NP can all be supplied with rings - but the maximum diameter for SS rings is 500mm or 1,000mm for plastic rings (and provided they are not TR (Tool Release) versions).  Seeflex 020E may be supplied on request, but Seeflex 060ES, Kevlar covers and Blackout Covers, cannot be supplied with rings. We also cannot make tapered connectors with rings. Please refer to our 'Quick Ref Limitations Summary' for more information.

The minimum length for a connector with a ring is 150mm. If it is any shorter, the ring stops you from being able to snap the connector into the spigot.

No – unfortunately we are unable to manufacture with rings on tapered connectors.

1,000mm (39.5") is the longest we can manufacture a Seeflex 040AS connector with rings. This is a manufacturing limitation due to the nature of the 040AS material.  Please refer to our Quick Ref. Limitations Summary here for more information.

Yes – you can have plastic rings with 040AS no problem (up to a maximum of 1,000mm / 39.5").

No - we cannot make a Seeflex 060ES connector with rings.

The diameter of the plastic rings used in our ringed connectors is 8mm (5/16”) and the ‘connector’ that joins it together is approx. 10mm (25/64”).

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