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Operating under pressure can be problematic.

If you operate under pressure, we know keeping your product inside your process brings all sorts of challenges, usually around dust control and connector failure.

So how can you stop product leaking at the transition points of your machinery? 

Lose those leaky hose-clamp style connectors

Old-style clamped connectors don't have a great reputation for performing under pressure.  

Because they are fastened on the outside of the pipe, any internal pressure from the system naturally pushes the hose and clamp away from the walls, leading to leakage and potential failure.

In an overpressure situation, hose clamps are normally always the weakest link and give up or let go long before the flexible connector would be due to rupture.

BFM® fitting performs better under pressure

BFM® fitting's patented spigot and snap-fit blue band connector system means any internal pressure just pushes the cuff of the connector harder against the walls of the spigot, creating an even tighter seal.  There is nowhere for product to leak or build-up as there are no crevices on the outside of the pipe for it to escape to.   

Our Seeflex 040E connectors have been pressure tested to safely perform under constant pressures of up to 5PSI (34.5kPa,  .345Bar), and explosion pressures of over 9.14PSI (63kPa, .63Bar).


Product Spotlight: Superior Pressure Resistant Seeflex 060ES

The high-pressure resistant Seeflex 060ES connector can operate comfortably up to 24PSI* (170kPa, 1.7Bar) of continuous pressure.

The secret to the success of the product is in its make-up: a polyester scrim is internally bonded between layers of Seeflex (an ether-based polyurethane).

The polyester scrim restricts the Seeflex and stops it from expanding, providing superior pressure resistance and can be used in all food-contact applications.  


Note: Because it is so strong, BFM® cautions against using the new connector in applications where a flexible connector is used to act as a pressure-release

*tested on a static 200mm diameter x 200mm long connector - engineering adjustments should be made for changes in diameter or non-static applications.

Learn more about Seeflex 060ES

Watch our video presented by our Technical Lead, Matthew Bailey,  to learn about the key benefits and uses of Seeflex 060ES, including:

  • High-pressure processes 
  • For pneumatic transport 
  • Transporting high bulk density products
  • Retaining its shape in higher temperature operations (to 120ºC/248ºF) 
  • Use as product silos

Got any questions or need help getting started with BFM® fittings?

Get in touch with one of our local Authorized BFM® fitting Distributors to help find the right solution for your pressure application.

They will help work through your requirements and how BFM® fitting can improve your factory hygiene and efficiency.

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