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New Flexi-Light - for weigh-scales and irregular movement

NEW PRODUCT - Flexi-Light

The ultimate flexible connector - strong but lightweight, ideal for weigh-scales and applications with irregular movement.

The latest addition to the BFM® connector range, Flexi-Light is essentially a standard Flexi Connector with slightly thinner walls and a lighter stainless steel coil.

Its added flexibility and less coil resistance make it perfect for weigh-scale and bag loading applications. 

It also gives Flexi-Light the ability to allow sideways movement as well as up and down movement, whilst keeping the connector walls open.  This added flexibility means Flexi-Light is ideal for sifters and other machinery with irregular movement.

The Flexi-Light option is available to order now.


What’s the difference? Flexi-Light Flexi
Wall Thickness 0.4 mm (all diameters)  0.60 mm (for 100-200 mm diameters)
0.70 mm (for 250- 300 mm diameters)
Wire Coil Diameter 1.6 mm 2.6 mm
Type of movement suitable for Lateral & vertical Vertical only

Please note that this is a separate product to our standard Flexi Connectors and will have different part numbers, so you will need to specify 'Flexi-Light' when requesting a quote.

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