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It's Food Safety Month

Which one of these connectors can be found in your factory?

If it's the one on the left, Food Safety Month is a great time to review your flexible connectors to ensure you have safe, sanitary, dust-free and fully certified fittings on your food processing equipment.

How can BFM® connectors help with food safety?

Dust leaking from flexible connections during operation can not only cause an unhealthy atmosphere for staff to breathe, but the potential for secondary explosions in certain conditions is a very real and serious health and safety risk for any factory. 

BFM® fitting's innovative flexible connectors ensure there is no product leakage (even under pressure), improving plant hygiene and reducing explosion risk.

There's no product build-up which means better hygiene.

Traditional clamped connectors provide crevices between the outer edge of the pipe and the inside of the connector where product can build-up and become a hygiene risk.

With the BFM® fitting system, the connector sits inside the pipe, nestling snugly against the shaped spigot head so there is nowhere for product to accumulate. No product build up means no contamination risk.

They provide a 100% sealed system with zero dust leakage, even under pressure.  That means you'll have less clean-ups, and less dust build up on surfaces to pose a potential secondary explosion risk. They also meet global certifications across food safety, including 3A and FDA requirements.

What about employee safety in food factories?

It's equally important to have processing equipment and parts that keep your employees' welfare in mind. The BFM® fitting has a simple snap-fit installation, and our standard connectors require no tools, so there's less risk of injury to hands as there's no need for screw-drivers in difficult places! 

For areas where you want to significantly reduce the risk of staff putting their hands near dangerous moving parts, our TR (Tool Release) connectors provide the perfect solution.

To help keep hands safe, the connector cuff on the TR connector is much firmer and is virtually impossible to release manually - a special rounded-end tool is used to release the connector by inserting it through a small hole drilled in the spigot. 

You can also have added peace of mind that you can monitor when a BFM® fitting connector is removed in these areas with the latest innovation developed by the team at BFM®: the Pneumatic Monitoring System.


Get started with improving the safety in your food factory.

BFM® fittings are cleaner, more efficient, durable, and safer than traditional hose-clamp systems. Learn more about how BFM® fittings can improve your factory's food safety.

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