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Food Industry

90% Cost Savings

“BFM® fittings have made the dismantling and re-installation process so much faster - saving us a massive amount of downtime. The system is now 100% sealed during both the processing and cleaning operations and we've reduced our cleaning changeover labour costs by 90%!”

Chris Clifford, Site Maintenance Manager, Tyson Foods - Berryville, USA

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Improved Hygiene

“BFM® is such a simple idea which translates into real benefit in our plant. It is impossible to fit BFM® fittings incorrectly and there’s no build up, so weighing problems are a thing of the past, saving us a small fortune. They’re also 100% dust tight which reduces our cleaning bills.”

Maintenance Manager,
Multinational UK bakery

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Easy Installation

“They’re one of the best things we’ve found…since installing the first two fittings, we’ve been replacing all of the remaining clamp-and-sleeve connectors with BFM® fittings. I’ve been putting them everywhere there’s a transfer point because they make things so much easier for our operators.”

Superintendent of Engineering and Maintenance, Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods Inc, USA

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The Food Industry’s production environment is particularly challenging, requiring the highest standards of hygiene. The need for cleanliness when switching product runs is crucial. These environments also need to be free from dust, with the risk of dust explosions eliminated.

The BFM® fitting is the perfect solution to meet the demands of the Food manufacturing environment:

Improved hygiene Improved hygiene: There is no more dust leakage, eliminating cross-contamination of products and reducing general housekeeping costs
Health & Safety Health & Safety: Lack of need for tools to remove or install the flexible connector in difficult positions ensures a much safer change-over process
easy installation Easy installation: The simple snap-fit of the flexible BFM® fitting makes change-overs easy, and standard length BFM® Connectors fit correctly
reduced downtime Reduced downtime: Fast and efficient cleaning in between product runs means downtime is significantly reduced
Explosion resistant Explosion resistant: The elimination of dust combined with the antistatic properties of BFM® fitting helps eliminate the risk of secondary explosion


BFM® connectors are 3A approved, and conform with FDA, EC and ATEX regulations.


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