Hygiene and Durability Key in Pet food Manufacturing

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Dry pet food manufacturing is a growing industry worldwide, and the abrasive nature of the granules, pellets and biscuits produced in these factories can be challenging.

That's why so many global pet food manufacturers use BFM® fitting Seeflex connectors on their dry processing lines.

Seeflex's strength and flexibility is ideal for sifters and feeders, its transparency ensures visibility of product flow, and dust leakage is also eliminated because of the 100% seal of the patented BFM® fitting system.

This not only keeps the plant (and product) hygienic, but it helps reduce the risk of secondary dust explosions, a concern for any processor dealing with flowing powders and granules.


BFM® connector transporting pet food to a sifter in Russia


Advantages of BFM® fitting in the Pet Food Industry

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Strong, flexible materials and design mean better wear resistance so connectors last much longer than clamp-style products.

No crevices to collect product so no build-up or contamination risk. Superior seal means they're safe for use in CIP cleaning cycles.

No dust leakage means safer overall factory environment.

Have a wide range of products that conform to important global standards such as 3A, USDA, FDA, EC & ATEX.

BFM® fitting in Dry Pet Food Manufacturing

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BFM used on a sifter with Pet Food
Iams Pet Food, Netherlands

“The connectors we used were leaking in an Atex zone. We changed all connectors on our sifters to BFM® to reduce the dust in the factory and improve safety.

The BFM® also lasts for about 4 times longer than the connectors we used in the past.”

Testimonial courtesy of BFM® Distributor, Vlint (Benelux)

BFM used in Pet Food in France
Royal Canin, France

“We make granulated pet food and wanted to avoid risk of both product contamination and damage to the granules on our sifter.

The BFM® connector is a perfect solution. Although it is an abrasive product we have only had to change the connector once per year.”

Testimonial courtesy of BFM® Distributor, CPSI (France)

BFM® fitting in Wet Pet Food Manufacturing

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The BFM® fitting system is also used by pet food manufacturers in their 'wet' food lines to ensure the transfer and addition of additives and other powdered ingredients is dust free and hygienic.

Long BFM® connectors are used in one of Nestle Purina's largest pet food manufacturing plants in Europe (below) to add spices and lactose to the meat mixture prior to cooking tinned pet food.

The connectors on the right are long due to the cleaning process used where a large lid is opened beneath the connector position making a fixed pipe impossible.

Adding ingredients to wet pet food with long BFM connectors
Adding ingredients to wet pet food with long BFM connectors
Adding ingredients to wet pet food with long BFM connectors
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Pet Food brands using BFM® fitting

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The BFM® fitting system is used extensively in manufacturing both wet and dry pet food throughout the world by industry leaders. 
Ajinomoto animal nutrition
United pet Food
Crown Pet Foods
Simmons Pet Food
Royal Canine
Diamond Pet Foods
Diana Pet Food
Mars petcare

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