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Teflex is made from pure woven PTFE and can be used in high temperature applications and with either caustic or acid products.

Compliant with:

FDA 21CFR 177.1550.

Key features/uses:

  • Capable of running at high temperatures – continuously operating at 260°C / 500°F with short term surges at 280°C / 536°F.
  • Can be used on products across the full pH scale, i.e. either caustic or acid products will not effect Teflex.


Download Teflex Product Spec Sheet

Physical Properties

Fibre PTFE
Colour Natural (dark brown)
Construction/Finish Basket weave
Weight 678 g/m2 / 20 oz/yd2
Thickness 0.5mm / 1/64 inch
Tensile Strength (kgf) Warp 90 Filling 100 (Test Standard: ASTM 5034)
Max Operating Temp 260°C / 500°F
Max Surge Temp 280°C / 536°F
Permeability 0.3 (cm3/cm2/sec at 125Pa) / 0.50 (ft3/ft2/sec at 0.5 inch wg)

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