The BFM® fitting flexible connector system can now be quickly incorporated into modular piping systems with the release of a range of our adaptor spigots with a small flange, or lip.  

Spigot with lip_down_NO BG_400x300pxThe new BFM® Lipped Spigot enables the BFM® system to be installed without welding as the 6mm rolled lip is compatible with most major quick-release/pull-ring type clamps such as Jacob.

It’s a welcome and versatile addition for which many manufacturers have been waiting.

“We’ve often had customers who use modular piping systems ask for this option as their entire process line is based on these quick-release systems,” said BFM® fitting’s Technical Lead, Matthew Bailey. 

BFM lipped spigot and Jacob clamp & tube“They wanted to use BFM® fitting but previously had to adapt the spigots themselves to fit with their modular process line.”

Being able to provide spigots that don’t require welding onto an existing pipe gives customers future flexibility in their process line layout, easier access for cleaning, and saves both time and money in terms of installation.

The new BFM® Lipped Spigot is also a great option for customers who, due to the nature of their product, may use aluminium or even plastic piping in their plant.

“Because you simply can’t weld a spigot to these materials, a quick-release clamp system is an ideal solution,” said Matthew.

The Lipped Spigot option is available now in T304L stainless steel for diameters from 100mm (4”) up to 400mm (16”).


View the  BFM® Lipped Spigot product page for more information. 

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