Whether you're totally new to BFM® fitting and you're exploring ways to resolve your plant dust leakage & excess downtime or you're familiar with our flexible connectors and want more specific details about your BFM® solution, you should watch our recent webinar where our BFM® experts discuss the following:

  • BFM® fitting system - Quick overview
  • Protecting your staff from dust inhalation risk and hand injuries
  • Lowering the chance of product contamination and expensive recalls
  • Reducing explosion risk, electrostatic build-up and our explosion-resistant design

The Webinar concludes with an informative Q&A session where attendees put their questions to BFM® CEO & Founder Blair McPheat and our panel of experts.

Watch the webinar above, and you can also download a copy of the presentation here.

Check out our Webinar page for additional webinar information

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