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BFM® fitting is cleaner

100% Sealed System
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The incredible seal on the BFM® fitting system means there is no leakage even under pressure. In fact the more pressure applied, the better the seal. Click on the video above to see how BFM® compares to standard clamped/hose-clip style connectors.

Improved Hygiene

“BFM® is such a simple idea which translates into real benefit in our plant. It is impossible to fit BFM® fittings incorrectly and there’s no build up, so weighing problems are a thing of the past, saving us a small fortune. They’re also 100% dust tight which reduces our cleaning bills.”

Maintenance Manager,
Multinational UK bakery

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Zero powder leakage

“From the day I first turned on our equipment with the BFM® fitting installed, I was amazed. There was no more sand cloud and absolutely zero powder leakage. Our employees now work in safer environment, and labour costs have been cut as there is no longer a need for frequent cleaning.”

Jeff Goodell, Director of Facilities and Maintenance, AMEDICA

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The BFM® fitting system will keep your production areas cleaner, saving you valuable time, money and providing a better environment for staff.

Here's why BFM® is so much cleaner:


They're 100% sealed, eliminating leaks and dust.

Traditional connectors with clamps on the outside can be difficult to fit properly, and product escapes between the crevices, especially when pressure runs through the system. Because the BFM® fitting seals from the inside, there is nowhere for the dust to leak from, and unlike traditional connectors, they just seal tighter under pressure. No more leaks, no dust escaping into the factory and no time-consuming clean-ups.

There's no product build-up which means better hygiene.

Traditional clamped connectors provide crevices between the outer edge of the pipe and the inside of the connector where product can build-up and become a hygiene risk. With the BFM® fitting system, the connector sits inside the pipe, nestling snugly against the shaped spigot head so there is nowhere for product to accumulate. No product build up means no contamination risk.

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See how BFM® fitting has helped companies clean up their plants:

Tyson Foods Reduced Cleaning Costs by 90%

One of the world’s largest processors of chicken meat, Tyson Foods Inc. had leaky and time-consuming traditional hose-clamp connectors that needed to be removed, cleaned & replaced every 12 hours. Read case study here...

Super Fine Battery Powder Contained by BFM® fitting

Lithium powder used in rechargeable lithium batteries is extremely fine (10 microns) and a major manufacturer was having a challenge with it leaking throughout their production area. Read case study here...

Powder Coating Dust Eliminated

Pulver Kimya is a leading powder coating company based in Turkey. Powder regularly leaked into the factory environment, and the existing connector system was messy and complicated to change. Read case study here...

BFM® fitting are easy to flush through for cleaning so you can use them for CIP.

The superior seal of the BFM® fitting means that you can run your CIP with the connectors in place and there will be no leakage - just watch the video below.

NB: We do recommend removing the connectors after CIP and wiping off any cleaning residue from the cuffs of the connectors and inside the spigots to ensure maximum connector life.

Click here for more information in Cleaning BFM® fitting Connectors.

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