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Seeflex 040E can be used outdoors. It has been proven for use in both the sun and the water. Extended exposure to UV will cause the Seeflex 040E to turn a little yellow, but the media will not lose any strength or integrity.

The smallest gap you can have between the BFM® spigots is 65mm (2.5") for an 80mm (3") long BFM® connector. Note that this gap may not be suitable for frequently changed connectors or for those with more than just a slight vibratory movement. Please also take some time to read the fitting instructions for our BFM® spigots. BFM® spigots page. (Link)

The BFM® Spigots come in a range of exact sizes, eliminating the imprecise nature of current connector widths and ensuring a perfect fit with the BFM® connector. You choose the spigot that closely matches your pipe size. Check out Getting the Perfect Fit  for more information.

The Teflex will work on vibration, as long as the movement is not too much, too fast – 10mm is fine.

No – BFM® spigots are only manufactured in 50mm (2 inch) increments. The best way to fit the spigot to the pipework is to taper or flange it to suit the standard sizes.

It is possible, however, Morris couplings need straight length equivalent to 1 1/2 times coupling length, so there would need to be enough space to fit this. You would want at least an inch of the spigot to remain to get enough clamping area.

When installing the BFM® fitting you need to weld the spigots in place so that the correct Installation Gap (IG) is created for your connector length. The connector length will then depend on how much space is available for the installation, what length needs to be covered, and if there is movement. The tails of the BFM® spigot can be cut back by up to 40mm which allows flexibility to create the correct IG when installing the fittings. In most applications the best connector length is to pick a standard (stocked) item, 100mm – 200mm Long. If there is movement (such as a sifter) or an offset installation, having a longer connector is always preferable – as a rule the connector should be no less than 1.5x the diameter in these applications. The IG will need to be adjusted to allow for the movement with offset and oscillating installations, and a calculator is available to help size the IG correctly– contact BFM® for more information.  You can also check out 'Getting the Perfect Fit'.

Because the stainless steel spigot will not directly weld to aluminium, another technique will need to be used, such as welding a flange to the spigot and then attaching by bolt or rivet to the pipe or using a Morris coupling to attach the spigot to the existing aluminium pipe.

Yes - these loops are designed to aid installation from one side.

Square-to-round transition adaptations are easily achieved - see examples below:

We have currently tested a single Pneumatic Monitoring System on spigots up to Ø350mm.  For spigots Ø400mm and over, we advise installing additional sensors. Please contact BFM® Global for specific recommendations on this. 

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