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Teflex NP Now Available With Support Rings

Our extremely versatile Teflex NP connectors are now available with stainless steel support rings, so now they're able to be used successfully under vacuum.

Support rings help to keep the connector walls open when they are being used under negative pressure, or are longer in length.

Vacuum pressure tends to suck the walls of the connector inwards, so the rings keep the connector open and allow product to flow. This is even more important the longer the connector gets.

As a general rule under vacuum, the maximum length of the BFM® connector should be no longer than its diameter without support rings. For example, a 100mm (4") diameter BFM® connector should be no more than 100mm (4") long. We recommend that if you have a connector 200mm (8") or longer being used under vacuum, support rings should definitely be considered.

For Teflex NP, the maximum number of rings (on a single connector) for Ø100 & 125mm is 6 and for Ø150mm - 500mm, it's 8.

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